Monday, June 7

Grapes as Federal Evidence

I had a Tupperware full of grapes when I reached the US/Canada border. When the US border police asked if I had food on me, I said "yeah, I have grapes for lunch." He hesitates for a moment, looking at me with my big smile, and says "well let's see them." I pulled them out. Again I said "this is my lunch" all proud of the fact that I cleaned and picked and prepared my grapes in such a beautiful way for my trip. He replies, "yeah we'll have to take those". Really? Really? As a way of saying goodbye, I popped one in my mouth right in front of him. He was kind of shocked like "what are you doing?!" I looked at him like "I don't get it, what? They're so yummy!" And he remarked "you don't want to be destroying evidence while you're standing in a federal building" - I looked at him confused and asked "should I spit them out?"

It was only later that my new friend behind me remarked that it could easily be a way for someone to smuggle illegal stuff across the border. This didn't even cross my mind.

It is really in moments like this that I realize I live and experience a completely different world 99% of the time.

I love my ever-present innocence.

I love grapes.

I love big burly men who look at my sparklyness and wonder if I'm for real.

Yes, I'm for real!

Good times at the border!


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