Thursday, June 3

Everyone's a Partner

My heart is being stung with warmth and happiness as I once again rediscover the power of being open and transparent with just the perfect so and so. I'm amazed at how much change just being conscious to my own mind stuff brings about. I'm aware of my body language asking "am I being open and welcoming right now?" I'm aware of my words as I write an email choosing to be unguarded about what I'm feeling or thinking.

The stories we make up about sharing love with another being, either serve to keep us open or work to keep us closed in that insecure self-preservation mode. Everyone is a practice partner showing up to help us be the most transparent version of our self. The question is, will we make the best use of that? How honest can you be about what you're experiencing, not only with yourself but with them also? It is so worth it to get conscious on the background chatter of the mind. It's not about tomorrow or yesterday, what will or will not happen, it's about how open and transparent you're choosing to be right now. Just right now. That's it. That's all.

If I was to be the most open and transparent version of myself right now, what would I be saying? How would I be acting with him (or her)?

Ask the question and then step into the answer, live it openly, embracing your choice to be the beautiful Love-Being that you are.

Love is all that is real. It is the sole Reality. To choose to resist the experience of that in any moment, is to cheat yourself from the greatest gift in this magnificent world.

I love Love. I love being loving. And I love being loved.


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