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Be Love Now

Be intimately present with everything - see every moment as the greatest love you've ever had and let yourself just belong to whatever moment you find yourself in. NOW is the greatest thing that has ever happened!

The Secret Beyond Matter

Statements of some scientists posing that "man is an image, everything experienced is temporary and deceptive, and this universe is a shadow", seems to be proven by science in our day. (Frederick Vester, Denken, Lernen, Vergessen, vga, 1978, p. 6)

These Blessed Moments

All the ways I love you, I can’t even begin to know. The smile across my face, the warmth that takes over my being when I think of you, that quietness that takes over my mind when I remember looking into your eyes, these are the moments that fill up my days. The way you pull me in with a gentle kiss, the way you raise my skin with a gentle touch, everything about your everything immerses me into Love.

"Moist, Raw, Love"

It's the little things that mean the most, the little gestures that say "I thought of you today" - like finding out how to say "happy birthday" in my native tongue and putting that on display. And then there's the poetry, the expressiveness, the here-is-my-naked-soul-ness. Everything about everything is just so Divine - every moment, every sigh, every breath shared, every "I love you" declared, and everything left unsaid. Quite possibily, the coolest experience I've ever had is looking into his blue-green eyes watching his pupil expand and contract as we rest on our pillows, present in and to the light of each other, being, just taking each other in. I giggle squealing "that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!" I have a soul brother that says, the pupil is like the black hole...once you go in, there's no returning. His eyes are my entry way into an infinite unknown. All the ways we make Light All the ways we make Love Huzzah! for it

Oh Yes

Dear Hands of Grace Thank YOU for the most beautiful moments in my view... Of Love...of Loving...Of the Gift that is this amazing Life! I am living my wholeness ~ ❤k

Lady Solstice turns 30

My co-worker said "happy birthday Lady Solstice" - and I thought, I LOVE THAT name. I will from now on only be known as Lady Solstice. It's pretty awesome that I get to shout "happy solstice" to everyone that says "happy birthday" to me today. I have been on this ball of spinning rock now for: 30 years Also known as: 360 months 1 565.32371 weeks 10 957.266 days 15 778 463 minutes 946 707 779 seconds I think I love the sound of saying I am 360 months old than any of the other options! Making the best of every day! ❤ LadySolstice

the Science and Life of Play

More and more I’m living the power of showing up in wholeness to engage with everything and everyone around me. And as that happens I’m seeing examples of what it means to be the integral human specimen. Not just of body. Not just of mind. Not just energy or spirit. Not just heart. But all of them. Mind-body-heart-consciousness all moving in the same direction within the being. You know the part in Transformers where all the parts click into place automatically – where everything shifts into gear and into its place to create this powerful machine…something like that but more organic and beautiful. Beings have lived and demonstrated the power of being integrated within oneself – the power of being unified and whole within oneself. It’s one thing to read and hear the stories, and a whole other thing to see it show up in your experience. For the past few weeks I’ve been playing with it, leading anyone that wants to play in the quest and adventure of asking the right questions, aligning

The Illusion of Private Pains

There is no part of myself worth hiding or concealing. My Heart-Storming sisters and I have been talking about just being present to every part of ourselves and bringing that into the light - nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to conceal or hold back. Just being completely open, ungaurded, and transparent about everything we are experiencing - the seeming "good" and "bad". If we can let go of the illusion that "good" is divine and "bad" is evil, that it is all divine in every way, we will have given ourselves permission to just be whatever we are in the moment, without resisting it or wanting to stuff it back down to some hidden corner of ourselves.

Dear Beautiful Man

from my various type fests... ...That amazing connection you feel, that powerful energizing experience, is you connecting to the highest power within yourself - it's you connecting to whatever higher power you believe exists in this Universe. It has little to do with me and more to do with your choice to experience yourself fully opening up to this power, to fully letting it flow freely through your body. I know we have a tendency to create in our minds that we feel this open, this amazing, because of the other person. But every person for me is a chance to connect to the Infinite within us, and to recognize that THAT is what's happening in these moments - we are allowing the full force of this power to flow through us, and because we do, because we have someone in our experience we focus on without any resistance, without any negative stories, memories, judgments, or expectations, without any filters, we experience this pure energy - this amazing "I can't get enough

Let Go

What I answered elsewhere to a question about letting go: The only time you hold (hard) onto a dream is when you believe you can't have it. If you knew you could have the cupcake on the counter when ever you want, you don't really go on daydreaming about it for days and days and days. It's only those desires you've made up in your mind as BIG or hard to get or whatever other resistant story that you keep holding on to. So YES let go of the dream once you have dreamt it up - you don't have to keep dreaming it to make it true. You have dreamt it because it is already true in some dimension of this vast pool of vibrational patterns. You have dreamt it because it already exists. So you don't have to keep on dreaming it, you don't have to keep on keeping yourself in the asking step. We make castles out of buttons. Ever notice how just a passing desire manifests much more quickly than a desire you really really really want? The Universe hears you INSTANTLY - yo

New Home, New Work, New Adventure

Yesterday I had one of those moments that called me toward clarity. It came disguised in a letter and directed me to what appears to be ahead for me this year. The contract on the program I'm working on ends this October and the lease on my apartment ends two months after that. I have no desire to stay in my current apartment. While the view is nice, the neighbors and the neighborhood call me to ask for something better. I'd love to find a community somewhere on this planet of conscious earth-loving beings. No litters or garbage scattered about the parking lot, no shouting matches of victim-hood being blasted at odd hours, nothing of the sort. More openness, more accountability, more responsibility of what one is choosing to observe and make up in their own minds - more than ever I want to be surrounded by beings who remind and reflect to me the power of self-awareness, self-responsibility and accountability (which includes picking up after yourself) and self-empowerment.

Playing with Justice

Today's show was one of those shows that just flew by, 'cause we were all just so absorbed in the conversation and in the field the conversation is happening in. Justice Bartlett is one of those people that every time I listen to or talk with, I just want to raise my arms up and yell "praise the lawd". The way she expresses the magick of this playful reality, the way she frames it and presents it, just brings you right back to the simplicity in everything. Listen to the show HERE and if you happen to see her ask her to do the fish dance for you, but whatever you do, don't ask about Unicorns.

Grapes as Federal Evidence

I had a Tupperware full of grapes when I reached the US/Canada border. When the US border police asked if I had food on me, I said "yeah, I have grapes for lunch." He hesitates for a moment, looking at me with my big smile, and says "well let's see them." I pulled them out. Again I said "this is my lunch" all proud of the fact that I cleaned and picked and prepared my grapes in such a beautiful way for my trip. He replies, "yeah we'll have to take those". Really? Really? As a way of saying goodbye, I popped one in my mouth right in front of him. He was kind of shocked like "what are you doing?!" I looked at him like "I don't get it, what? They're so yummy!" And he remarked "you don't want to be destroying evidence while you're standing in a federal building" - I looked at him confused and asked "should I spit them out?" It was only later that my new friend behind me remarked that i

$6,000 in 8 Weeks

Hello Reader Friend ~ Read this! Share this! Donate any amount! Help in any way you can please! :) Letter from my dear friend Tomissa: " I write this note to ask for help. Or I should say to ask for Money. I'll tell you why. My son, Matthew, is amazing. Well, I have 4 boys and I think they're all pretty amazing, but today we're focusing on Matt. He is 17 and about to enter his senior year of high school. He was given a "full ride" scholarship when he graduated from 8th grade, an opportunity we just couldn't pass up. Along with the scholarship, he was given possiblity. The possibility that he CAN achieve anything if he works hard, is dedicated and kind. He is all of that and more. Thursday we found out the benefactor, who had been paying his tuition ($8000 per year, includes room/board), had been hit hard financially and stopped paying. This brings us to my plea for help. I am now responsible for the remaining balance. $

Life as a Mental Illusion

"You're creating your own reality tunnel, but it doesn't mean you're creating Reality. Out of Reality, whatever "That" is, out of the infinite flux of energy, you're creating your own reality tunnel" - Robert Anton Wilson

Everyone's a Partner

My heart is being stung with warmth and happiness as I once again rediscover the power of being open and transparent with just the perfect so and so. I'm amazed at how much change just being conscious to my own mind stuff brings about. I'm aware of my body language asking "am I being open and welcoming right now?" I'm aware of my words as I write an email choosing to be unguarded about what I'm feeling or thinking. The stories we make up about sharing love with another being, either serve to keep us open or work to keep us closed in that insecure self-preservation mode. Everyone is a practice partner showing up to help us be the most transparent version of our self. The question is, will we make the best use of that? How honest can you be about what you're experiencing, not only with yourself but with them also? It is so worth it to get conscious on the background chatter of the mind. It's not about tomorrow or yesterday, what will or will not happ

It's Simple

Jon Marro on the RAD-io

One of the things I LOVE about having this radio program is that I get to experience my own version of transformation with every guest that comes on to chat with me. Every being that shows up in my world, in whatever form, changes me. Coming into contact with all the thoughts they have thought, all the conclusions they have made, all the insights they have had, everything they have ever let go of and are right now letting go of, leaves me altered and open to experience myself as the culmination of them . I find often when I'm in any kind of conversation with anyone, boundaries dissolve, that sense of "me" and "him" or "her" dissolves, and there is just this one life growing itself, expressing itself, opening and showing itself. It's indescribable. So today I am transformed. I can already feel the ripples of this conversation we seemingly have yet to have reaching back into this moment. Tune in. Today at 3PM PST/6PM EST connect and experience w