Tuesday, May 11


What I said elsewhere:

THAT’S just it EXACTLY – the default state is incorruptible – it’s the ever-present foundation of perfection. It’s only the transient thought-stuff, the fleeting “stories” of waking consciousness that we practice day in and day out AND have habituated, that veil the perfect singular awareness that is the core of what we are. It’s there, this crisp perfect state of being, and the moment you choose to let go of the overlay of stories about who you are, your true identity as this perfect center shines through. The question to ask is “can I let go of wanting to re-install this story that says I am something that could be damaged” or any other question that asks you whether or not you’re ready to let this story go, to let this program or overlay that is running in the background go.

Ya dig it?



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