Thursday, May 20


After a week long immersion into silence and playing in the field of non-sense, I'd love to put together a meaningful stringing of words to describe what the dive deeper down the rabbit hole has been like on this adventurous trip. To every face that's been asking me "how was it, let's hear all the details" I want to form something, anything, stretch out my hands and say HERE!

But I can't. Even referencing time seems odd, weird, incomprehensible.

Words start to form and I start breaking out into laughter. I start TRYING to think about what to say, and I break out into chuckles like...WTF. None of it is what I think it is. None of it is what words can get to. Even these words right here are SO GOD DAMN FAR from everything, the silliness of what we are, the crazyness, the twisted mess, the God-is-a-child-on-LSD-ness of it all. I open my eyes and see things that I don't even know how to talk about. I close my eyes and dream dreams that feel like the waking world. And I don't care that everything is inverted, upside down, and backwards. I can call it multi-dimensional awareness, but that's a pile of made-up bullshit.

What I feel like, what I look like, everything about how I appear, how you appear - all of that's a pile of bullshit too.

You know that part in a relationship where you say to your lover "it got weird didn't it" - well, this so called Universe and "I" are looking at each other like that...where do "we" go from here? I'm hallucinating a Universe and this Universe is hallucinating a "me" - what a productive relationship we have!

Licking imaginary toads is as bad an idea as licking real one's. When imagination and reality blur, you've broken through the illusion that something is happening, that you and this world are happening, that there is anything other than a playful ridiculous kind of Love here. The fabric and fiber of your reality is Love, and it will play with you within whatever rules you set up. Whatever is real to you in whatever way, you are real to IT within that same boundary-construct-limitation.

And everything is happening where your conscious awareness ain't looking. So up your game - rotate around to everything, the billions of data that your contracted conscious sensory awareness can't wrap itself around. The Infinite-ness of all Reality is Here Now. Can ya dig that?

Onward with your hallucinations!

Happy Birthday Richard. 
Your crazy is infectious and beautiful!



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jouettelove said...

babycakes, every word resonates and makes total sense ~ it's all non-sense! lol. makes me giggle. the freedom of it all, the love of it all, the state of grace that hugs us in that golden stream of morning light. ahhhh.

i love you. that's all.

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