Thursday, May 27


I'm thinking I'll have the whole "how can I show you how powerful you are" thing figured out by blog #500 - that's in 67 entries from now!

No matter where I look, no matter what I hear, all that I want to do is remind and mirror to whatever face the enormity of who and what he or she truly is. Conversations in limited-ness take too much effort to pay attention to, to hold up, to participate in. Conversations and words built around the idea of struggle, of separation, of anything of the sort are so difficult to focus on or give any kind of reality to. It's like my radio antenna experiences static when senseless expressions try to form themselves around me. Yet the role play carries on...

Reality beckons you to remember your power, remember who you are in every single Now-moment you experience. You are so much more than you'll ever know. You are so much more than the definitional toys and ideas you right now play with.

Whatever it is, whatever you feel you're here to do, be, or have, let that be IT. Let everything else your mind wants to create stories and drama around GO. It is such a waste of creative energy, creative focus, and creative space to make time for thoughts, words, and deeds that in no way support your chosen destination, no matter what that destination is, no matter how big or small your mind has made that desired outcome. Let this outcome be all that you see, and let go of wanting to participate in things and happenings that are just such a royal waste of your light. Let's not engage in any other conversation but the Love that supports and empowers every aspect of your reality u n c o n d i t i o n a l l y. Let's not make up any other story than the story that tells of the brilliant outcomes you want to experience, how valid they are, how valid YOU are, and how everything about you in this life will show up to support you should you but choose to keep yourself open to ask, and open to receive.

Whatever it is you want to see in this world - speak it, express it. Share the reality of the outcome in your heart. What does the world you want to experience look like, feel like? What does the home you want to experience feel like? Speak the vision that is born within you rather than the old worn out movie that birthed this desire. Let go of wanting to waste time making up excuses for why it may not be possible. Let go of wanting to waste energy focusing on the non-existent past and whatever you're making up happened then and there. Drive only in the direction you want to go - mentally, energetically, physically.

Love is Real. Dreams are True. Any other melodrama you want to make up and make believe in, is just idle creation.

You're never not creating.






- kidest

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