Thursday, April 22


I’m ready for something different. I felt it when I woke up today which tells me that something different is here and my being is sniffing it out. So I sat down to articulate it to myself.

I’m ready for a different environment. I can feel what it feels like - it feels like community, it feels like love, it feels like celebration, it feels alive, it feels miraculous and has that "this is everything I've been looking for and more" feeling to it.

I’m ready to up my lifestyle. I'm ready to grow in every direction, in every aspect of my being, my reality, my world, my Universe. I'm ready to embody and express something MORE.

I’m ready to let go of whatever needs letting go of completely - cellularly, energetically, behaviorally, in ever way.

I’m ready to be in the daily presence of beings who are anchored in the magick – at work, at home, in my community. I want to be surrounded by beings awake to the magick - who mirror it to me in every way just as I'm open to mirroring it to them. I’m ready to blend and merge with beings who see and live the magick, who embody the magick every single day, every single moment.

I’m ready to live amidst the community that is anchored in love, celebration, empowerment, and responsibility - I'm ready to BE the community that is about something.

I’m ready for a working environment based on appreciation, acknowledgment, ownership, love, magick, celebrating one another, celebrating this earth, celebrating this Universe, and everything else that just honors the Divinity that is everything.

I’m ready to start building my home and my family.

I’m ready for the most amazing relationship of my life – I can feel my readiness in my bones.

I’m ready to be a mother, to birth beautiful children and watch them grown and discover this amazing world.

I’m ready for my perfect home in sunny beautiful wonderland.

I’m ready!

I let go of what needs letting go of.
I receive what needs to be received.
To be this reality that I am.
And so it is.

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