Monday, April 12


"Don't place me on a pedestal and don't box me in. I am not what you perceive me to be. There is nothing objective I can say about myself that can remain true. I've looked and found no objective location for what I am. I know I am aware and perception is happening within myself spontaneously, but there isn't a 'someone' there doing or achieving something. There is no difference between 'you' and 'me', except that I know that I am not a 'person' and you feel you are.Teacher and student are roles and forms appearing in the consciousness we are, as it is expressing itself.Somehow, it seems to me that consciousness creates this play in order to have the experience of awakening to itself as the pure, immutable reality. Self assumes all these masks and in that it seems to discover itSelf, yet it remains pure Self all along." - Mooji's "Before I am" page 78-79.

It's the difference between being the doer
          and being a door to an inconceivable power.

It's the difference between "I" experiencing phenomena
          and no one experiencing anything.

It's the difference between being filled with stories
          and having no stories at all.

It's the difference between "all of this belongs to me"
          and "there is no me to which anything belongs."

It's the difference between the world thoughts paint
          and the world as it truly is.

It's the difference.

There is never anyone at this address called "me".
         No one has ever lived here.

***photo taken by Hilary during a convo ~

Nonlocally yours,


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