Tuesday, April 20

Inviting You into YourSelf

On the days I feel like walking to work, I get to cut through the park and start my day surrounded by greens, browns, and the soothing sound of the running river. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I was walking through today pondering what the best thing I can bring to another being is. And the way I see it, the best thing we can bring to each other is a perspective, a way of being and interacting that encourages self-awareness, self-recognition, and self-connection.

We have this thing where we come into relationships asking “what can you do for me” or “I need you to be this way and that way” or even “what can I do for you” – to me, all of these are misdirecting our friend’s, lover’s, or special so and so’s attention. These ways of showing up to each other don't really seem to do it for me. I don't feel the power within us being acknowledged through those angles. For me, the best way to show up for you is to ask - What can YOU do for YOU? Can I be this question mark? Can I be the being that invites other’s to connect to their own wisdom and guidance? Not to say “listen to me” or “you should be MY ideas of you” or "this is what I can do for you" but to be that invitation that says “hey, what can you do to connect to your own soul, your own reason for being? What can you do to be aware of yourself as the center of your universe? What can you think and feel to be in alignment with the God within you?”

Thing of it is, I have no idea what the best way for you to be is - I feel you came with an innate knowing, with that knowledge already fully alive within you. And for that I am grateful ~

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