Friday, April 30

Don't Postpone Joy

It is so easy to remain centered in JOY when you have heart-warming love-lights in your life ~ THANK YOU NICOLE!

Thursday, April 29

Flash Forward

I asked myself:
How would my reality show up, and how would I show up in my reality, if my reference for who I am and what I have was the unimaginable - the Unknown, the unseen, That which my mind can't make images or pictures about? 

I stayed with the question for about five minutes feeling it and then I moved on. At least I thought I moved on - 'cause what unfolded as my evening after that question is showing me that I'm still living that question. Nothing in this world of waking consciousness is as it seems. Nothing. And it will all unravel to show itself when you ask the right questions.

“The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” - Hunter S. Thompson

There was a lady named Bright, Who traveled much faster than light. She once went away, in a relative way, and returned the previous night.

Relativity is the game and gift of the gods.

The Only Choice

The only choice you are faced with moment after moment is about whether or not you are allowing the most creative power in the universe to flow in and through you. Are you allowing love to flow in and through you in this moment?

Monday, April 26

Loving Unconditionally

There is no freer feeling than to Love Unconditionally - to love whatever and whoever appears for just the way they appear - just loving what is unconditionally ~ who or what can I love without condition today? 

Sunday, April 25

Releasing into Freedom

Just for this moment, just for this instant, can you let go of the story your mind is wanting to create around whatever appears in your view? Can you release the thoughts and pictures your mind wants to make around the situation just for this moment? Just for right now, can you drop the thought-stream that wants to pull you into some speculation or imagining of the future? Can you let yourself just Be Here Now?

Freedom rests Here prior to the realms of mind, prior to the stories of past and future your mind wants to create around every situation or person in your view. Let yourself release it all just for this moment and know you have shed the trappings of ten thousand thoughts.

Freedom is Here, in this immediacy, in this Now.


Friday, April 23

Thursday, April 22


I’m ready for something different. I felt it when I woke up today which tells me that something different is here and my being is sniffing it out. So I sat down to articulate it to myself.

I’m ready for a different environment. I can feel what it feels like - it feels like community, it feels like love, it feels like celebration, it feels alive, it feels miraculous and has that "this is everything I've been looking for and more" feeling to it.

I’m ready to up my lifestyle. I'm ready to grow in every direction, in every aspect of my being, my reality, my world, my Universe. I'm ready to embody and express something MORE.

I’m ready to let go of whatever needs letting go of completely - cellularly, energetically, behaviorally, in ever way.

I’m ready to be in the daily presence of beings who are anchored in the magick – at work, at home, in my community. I want to be surrounded by beings awake to the magick - who mirror it to me in every way just as I'm open to mirroring it to them. I’m ready to blend and merge with beings who see and live the magick, who embody the magick every single day, every single moment.

I’m ready to live amidst the community that is anchored in love, celebration, empowerment, and responsibility - I'm ready to BE the community that is about something.

I’m ready for a working environment based on appreciation, acknowledgment, ownership, love, magick, celebrating one another, celebrating this earth, celebrating this Universe, and everything else that just honors the Divinity that is everything.

I’m ready to start building my home and my family.

I’m ready for the most amazing relationship of my life – I can feel my readiness in my bones.

I’m ready to be a mother, to birth beautiful children and watch them grown and discover this amazing world.

I’m ready for my perfect home in sunny beautiful wonderland.

I’m ready!

I let go of what needs letting go of.
I receive what needs to be received.
To be this reality that I am.
And so it is.

Tuesday, April 20

Inviting You into YourSelf

On the days I feel like walking to work, I get to cut through the park and start my day surrounded by greens, browns, and the soothing sound of the running river. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I was walking through today pondering what the best thing I can bring to another being is. And the way I see it, the best thing we can bring to each other is a perspective, a way of being and interacting that encourages self-awareness, self-recognition, and self-connection.

We have this thing where we come into relationships asking “what can you do for me” or “I need you to be this way and that way” or even “what can I do for you” – to me, all of these are misdirecting our friend’s, lover’s, or special so and so’s attention. These ways of showing up to each other don't really seem to do it for me. I don't feel the power within us being acknowledged through those angles. For me, the best way to show up for you is to ask - What can YOU do for YOU? Can I be this question mark? Can I be the being that invites other’s to connect to their own wisdom and guidance? Not to say “listen to me” or “you should be MY ideas of you” or "this is what I can do for you" but to be that invitation that says “hey, what can you do to connect to your own soul, your own reason for being? What can you do to be aware of yourself as the center of your universe? What can you think and feel to be in alignment with the God within you?”

Thing of it is, I have no idea what the best way for you to be is - I feel you came with an innate knowing, with that knowledge already fully alive within you. And for that I am grateful ~

Monday, April 19

Will You Be My Toyota?

I keep seeing vans like this old school Toyota all over Nanaimo, and I keep thinking to myself, wouldn't it be fun to have a van like that??? I can totally see myself packing up, hopping in with my dog, and going on all sorts of road trips and adventures - like Seattle next month or San Diego later on or Sedona!!!

I love life ~

Friday, April 16

Ever After

Henry: In all my years of study, not one tutor ever demonstrated the passion you have shown me in the last two days. You have more conviction in one memory than I my entire being.
Leonardo da Vinci: What have you done?
Henry: I have been born to privilege, and with that comes specific obligations.
Leonardo da Vinci: Horse shit!
Henry: You are out of line, old man.
Leonardo da Vinci: No, you are out of line. Have you any idea what that girl went through to get here tonight?
Henry: She lied to me.
Leonardo da Vinci: She came to tell you the truth, and you've fed her to the wolves!
Henry: What do you know? You build flying machines and you walk on water, and yet you know nothing about life!
Leonardo da Vinci: I know that a life without love is no life at all.
Henry: And love without trust? What of that?
Leonardo da Vinci: She's your match, Henry.
Henry: I am but a servant to my crown and I have made my decision. I will not yield!
Leonardo da Vinci: Then you don't deserve her.

Henry:I offered you the world and at the first test of honor, I betrayed your trust
Henry: I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle de Barbarac, would be my wife.

Thursday, April 15

Life and hummingbirds

I stepped out onto my balcony to do some recording. A little hummingbird came right then and fluttered about the white blossom tree. It was such a beautiful thing to witness!

It is a beautiful moment! I am in my own heaven.

Reality is beautiful, it is only resistance that bites ~


Monday, April 12


"Don't place me on a pedestal and don't box me in. I am not what you perceive me to be. There is nothing objective I can say about myself that can remain true. I've looked and found no objective location for what I am. I know I am aware and perception is happening within myself spontaneously, but there isn't a 'someone' there doing or achieving something. There is no difference between 'you' and 'me', except that I know that I am not a 'person' and you feel you are.Teacher and student are roles and forms appearing in the consciousness we are, as it is expressing itself.Somehow, it seems to me that consciousness creates this play in order to have the experience of awakening to itself as the pure, immutable reality. Self assumes all these masks and in that it seems to discover itSelf, yet it remains pure Self all along." - Mooji's "Before I am" page 78-79.

It's the difference between being the doer
          and being a door to an inconceivable power.

It's the difference between "I" experiencing phenomena
          and no one experiencing anything.

It's the difference between being filled with stories
          and having no stories at all.

It's the difference between "all of this belongs to me"
          and "there is no me to which anything belongs."

It's the difference between the world thoughts paint
          and the world as it truly is.

It's the difference.

There is never anyone at this address called "me".
         No one has ever lived here.

***photo taken by Hilary during a convo ~

Nonlocally yours,


Friday, April 9


It's funny, I woke up this morning mentally flipping through the pictures of my relationships, feeling like I've always been in love with the same one man. The One.

He's put on different masks to come and love me. He's been tall. He's been short. He's been asian, hispanic, black, and white. He's been kind to me. He's been cold as ice. He's wanted me. He's rejected me. He's been open with me. He's hidden his feelings from me. He's written me letters, and he's ignored my emails. He's avoided me for days and days and he's followed me around just the same. He's brought me flowers and forgotten my birthday. He's been charming and he's been an asshole. He's sat across the table with me laughing from his belly. He's called me out, he's soothed me down, he's made me feel warmth like nothing else. He's stared at me when I wasn't looking. He's taken me to the movies and played with my hand. He's kissed me in the places that mean something to him. He's said "let's just be friends" and he's confused our friendship with more than friendly gestures. He's called me his best friend in the world, and he's called me a poker face. He's stayed up until dawn with me on the phone. He's slept next to me. He's wrapped his arms around me. He's traveled with me. He's hit on my girlfriends. He's hit on me. He's done so many things. He's the one I've chased. He's the one I've been chased by. He's the one I've run from. And yet still, even though I've been through all of it with Him, I'm not done discovering him. I'll never be done discovering him.

For me, it feels like it's the same One that comes to meet me through every different face. I don't feel like I've had relationships. I feel like I've had just one relationship that has taken various forms and togetherness-es to come into full being. I feel like I love One man, though his faces have changed, though his body has looked different, through out these pictures, it's all been the same Him. The differences, they're only on the surface ~

He has no face or body, he is a feeling I can't describe. My heart does something when ever he's near. Thump. Thump. Thump. And then I can't for the life of me stop thinking of him, or wanting to be around him, or wanting to know him and be with him. It's only this One that's held my hand or pushed me away, that's pulled me in close, or turned me down without even giving me a chance. It's all been Him. And though my words fail to really tell it the way I see it and feel it, I am grateful for this One True Love, that is my teacher, my lover, my friend, my everything...He is my own being.

It is clear to me, that every single man that has every come to me and will ever come to me, is this beautiful amazing Him. It's all Him.


Wednesday, April 7

Love & Shakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
     Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
     Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
     That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
     Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
     Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
     But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
    I never writ, nor no man ever loved.
- Shakespeare Sonnet CXVI

Baby Smiles as Meditation

You know when you're having a frazzled day and something pops up in your face to get you to slow down, get back to earth, and just remem...