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the way i love

"Direct the course of love. For love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course." ~ Gibran Kahlil Gibran
The biggest difference between a soul-based and ego-based relationship is your ability to surrender and let go. When you are relating to your partner on a soul level, you deeply realize that everything that happens is perfect in its own way. You start to recognize the beauty of what happens in your partnership even if it is different from your original expectations. When you surrender completely to what is; you allow the true beauty of the relationship to blossom. You get to enjoy spontaneous moments of love and laughter. In this kind of relationship, there is a deep sense of freedom that permeates all moments. Both you and your mate are completely free to be and express your true selves since the ego is no longer calling the shots.
"Soul meets soul on lover's lips." ~ Percy Bysshe Shelly
One of the amazing things about living in a soul-based relationship is that your focus naturally flows to loving what is instead of changing what is. It is really that simple. The soul knows and sees the perfection of whatever occurs, and thus it becomes easy to unconditionally love your spouse or mate. Love based on meeting certain ego conditions is not authentic love. True love is so expansive and all-encompassing that no conditions even exist to be fulfilled.

To love deeply and unconditionally is our divine nature. Notice how you naturally love animals, babies, flowers, the mountains, or the sun. You don’t place any conditions on these things. You would never tell a flower that it had to be purple instead of pink for you to love it. You just love it because it is divine, and simply exists. The ego is the one that’s been doling out love based on your partner meeting certain conditions. Once you move out of this way of operating in your relationship, you can begin to truly love from the soul and see the divine beauty in everything that surrounds you, including your mate.
"To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart. And to sing it to them when they have forgotten." ~ Anonymous

As the great mystic Osho once said, “You need not worry whether the other loves you in return or not. Never ask for love; love comes, and it comes a thousand-fold. You go on giving and it comes.”  Many people believe if they give away their love unconditionally without expecting it back from their mate, they will never experience the blissful feelings of love they so deeply desire. The opposite is true. The more you can give away your love to your partner and others for that matter, the more love you will receive back from your mate and the entire Universe. - - Written by Margot Zaher

I choose to love everything just as it is, not only because that is how I am loved by this magnificent power we call Love or God or the Universe, but also because to be unconditional in the way I love, is the most liberating feeling in the world. To love any other way is to work too hard at something that is too natural to our being. Loving in a surrendered kind of way, is the only way that ever feels good to every part of me. If I feel a wrong-ness it is always and only because of my own thoughts.

Trying to change you, trying to say that you have to change your shades and colors, having a long list of what needs to be different about you so that we can blossom, so that we can be love, is like asking the sun to be a little dimmer, it's like asking the ocean to be a little less majestic. You are bright and radiant, warm and exhilarating just as you are. You are a miracle of all miracles just as you are in each and every moment. No matter the shade you wear. No matter the state of being you occupy. If I fail to see this, it is only because I've let myself go blind. My vision, my sight, my perception, my interpretation, has nothing to do with you. My failure to see the ever-present light in you, is just that, MY failure. If I want to see you change, I only have to release the thoughts that say you aren't magnificent just the way you are. And just like that I am free of my own self-imposed restrictions to loving you.

I am present to you, not to my conditional thoughts about you. I am present to your being, not to my learned concepts of how you ought to be and behave. I am present to the love that you are in every breath, not to the learned restrictions of how men and women must be in this world. I am present to your ever-present light. I am present to an unconditional love, which is what we are in every way.

That is how I choose to love. Ever day.



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