Thursday, March 11

Transformation Partners

I woke up this morning from dreams about linking up with a transformation partner, a guy. I woke up to an image of me sitting face to face with this guy on a couch of sorts, doing some exercises and feeling the power of that complete circuit we were creating. I woke up feeling amazing.

Transformation is the topic of today.

And now I sit smiling at the way all the details in my world have arranged themselves.

There's something about having a partner to process yourself with - something powerful about having an open mirror to be your most authentic self with, exposing everything and ready to release and embrace all the layers of who you are in the moment.

I already have one guy friend who I've had a few moments like that with, and the changes that ensued from our conversations have been eye opening and amazing for me. There's something different for me about the female-male reflection than a female-female. They both bring into the light different angles of myself.

I'm excited to know that my dreams and my world are right now telling me THERE'S MORE of that coming!!!

Find someone you can be completely open with. The way they'll mirror your light for you, the way they'll show you patterns about yourself that you may be ready to release and embrace will astound you!

We are amazing mirrors!

love love love


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