Thursday, March 25

My Magical Hologram!

I've been splashing around the most amazing flows! Just ONE EXAMPLE of the many in the past couple of days is - I wake up in the morning and notice my old Ontario drivers license on my dining table. NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE. So I pick it up and pop it in my wallet. I have no reason to carry it around with me, but it caught my eye so I'm going to trust that.

Then my coworker and I step out to do some shopping for work stuff, and we end up on the other end of town. She pulls into this food place she wants to check out and passingly says to me "oh hey, did you say you had to get your drivers license transferred over to B.C.? The license place is right over there" - I have A BIG HEART SMILE since I have my Ontario license ON ME as of just that morning. I go in, and it's basically empty. What??? NO LINE UP at the drivers license place??? NOPE!!!

Once I get going I realize I don't have my glasses with me. Well, just then the girl who was helping me, her computer freezes. So she has to call TECH for help. Right then another flowery lady steps in and says "well, why don't we do your eye test" - and I tell you, she was PURE playfulness. I tell her I don't have my glasses and she says "well let's just see how you do without them" - [insert endless giggles here] I PASSED, so not only did I get my license transferred over but they changed it to a "no corrective lens" thingy too.

As soon as I start wrapping it up, guess what? A line starts to form!

Let's not mention that this was the ONE day I decided I wouldn't wear a hat or scarf on my head in the morning and went out into the world for the first time in a long time hat/scarf-less. Sheer laziness drives me to just do the quick and easy almost every day, except THIS DAY!


THAT'S just one example of the magic that's flooding my moments! Magic is everywhere! Everything just flows and carries me on the most effortless ride ever!


After a morning of watching me flow like this, my coworker says "stop it, you're freaking me out!" I ask "what do you mean???" She says "you keep getting everything you want!!!"

Yep. Welcome to my hologram.

Keep on keeping on, 'cause the Magic has you!


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