Friday, March 5

Insights are sights from withIN

Listening to the Light within, the IN-sights of my own unfolding, leaves me feeling still and getting even stiller within.

The Stiller I get in a moment, the more I Know and 
the more I feel my freedom, my fulfillment, my     e v e r y t h i n g.

What I've been feeling and Knowing:

The most amazing place to reside is in un-conditionality, in letting yourself be as you are, and in letting everything and everyone be as they are. I am a field of acceptance. I am in full release and openness.

Intuition is really the first sense rather than the sixth. Trust it. It is communication from your center of all-knowing-ness. I trust what my inner-sight, what my First Sight reveals to me. And so I'm seeing more than what appears to be here.

This moment is a profound moment.


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