Saturday, March 13

Heart Opening

I'm in a new world. On a new earth. In a new Universe. Everything appears to look the same, but it all feels drastically different. I trust my feelings, they are my primary sensors of where I am, what dimension, what frequency platform, what world.

What a whirl.

I woke up this morning blissing out, waking up from what feels like a deep dive into an ocean of pure love. Pure love. Pure pure pure love. An inexplicable type of zinging energy. Right now it seems to have collected itself from being spread throughout my body. Less electricity and more ripple-like feelings. It's concentrated in my heart center. Feels like little spiky pangs.My sisterlove says "my heart is glowing" when she experiences an opening like this, and it's that too.

I am a new me, resonating to a new frequency. My body adjusts. My mind expands, and my heart explodes letting in more love to align and calibrate every cell, every molecule, and every layer of what I am, whatever I am.

I don't know what I am, I just know whatever I am feels amazing right now! And while it's here in this moment, I'm just letting it consume me.
O heart, if only once you experience the light of purity,
Like a laughing candle, you can abandon the life you live in your head. 
- Hafiz

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