Tuesday, March 23

Effortless Freedom

Thursday night I'll be airing one of my 1on1 recorded sessions on releasing into Presence on Joy Vibe Radio. I'm only airing about 30 minutes of the session and leaving the second half of the show open to talk about the power of presence and the ease with which you can live moment after moment.

So much of the time most conscious beings are walking around with extra static noise crackling around in their mind. And this static noise, which takes the form of endless mind chatter (sometimes unavoidably loud) on the past or the future or whatever else isn't actually happening right now, veils the ever-present freedom of our being. We are so free right now that we can think ourselves into believing that we are not.

What says you are not free, what says that there is a problem, is only thought, and when you release this thought, your brilliant unbound essence shines on through.

Right here and right now is a space of effortless freedom. Lightness. Ease. Total F R E E D O M. When you expand out of the mind, when you release the tendency to contract into the stories the mind has a tendency to go on and on about moment after moment, all that confronts you is a spaciousness, a sense of expansiveness.

The most powerful gift you can give to yourself is to expand out of the story your mind may be weaving right now. The only place is Here. The only time is Now. Whatever your mind is going on about, whatever memory it is recalling into this immediate instant, is something you can easily release. Give yourself permission to release it.

What story, what stream of thought, can you fully and completely let go of right now? What story can you just drop in this moment?

Let your moment flow effortlessly. Let yourself flow freely in this moment. You are pure freedom dancing as a conscious being.

Tune in on Thursday 6PM PST/9PM EST or catch the show on demand at a later time on Joy Vibe Radio


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