Wednesday, March 31


I stole these from my gorgeous soul brother. Lovingly.

I'm in the center of total RAD-ness!

Things to do before my house-guest arrives:
- vacuum Leela's hair off my carpet
- high-five the Universe for my life
- upload tomorrow's Joy Vibe Radio episode (1on1 with me again so tune in!)
- remove the "no pants zone" stickers off my walls
- make some awesome soup with fresh organic garbanzo beans

And most importantly? Fill my home with more love, love, love!

I am grateful to have furniture to be sat on, slept on, and used up!

Happy Long Weekend


Tuesday, March 30

Network Connections

Ever get images in your mind that you just feel you need to some how put on paper?

We're all connected...with everything and everyone visible and invisible. It's easy to acknowledge and feel this with those you "love". And the rest?

This means everything.
It means nothing.


Thursday, March 25

My Magical Hologram!

I've been splashing around the most amazing flows! Just ONE EXAMPLE of the many in the past couple of days is - I wake up in the morning and notice my old Ontario drivers license on my dining table. NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE. So I pick it up and pop it in my wallet. I have no reason to carry it around with me, but it caught my eye so I'm going to trust that.

Then my coworker and I step out to do some shopping for work stuff, and we end up on the other end of town. She pulls into this food place she wants to check out and passingly says to me "oh hey, did you say you had to get your drivers license transferred over to B.C.? The license place is right over there" - I have A BIG HEART SMILE since I have my Ontario license ON ME as of just that morning. I go in, and it's basically empty. What??? NO LINE UP at the drivers license place??? NOPE!!!

Once I get going I realize I don't have my glasses with me. Well, just then the girl who was helping me, her computer freezes. So she has to call TECH for help. Right then another flowery lady steps in and says "well, why don't we do your eye test" - and I tell you, she was PURE playfulness. I tell her I don't have my glasses and she says "well let's just see how you do without them" - [insert endless giggles here] I PASSED, so not only did I get my license transferred over but they changed it to a "no corrective lens" thingy too.

As soon as I start wrapping it up, guess what? A line starts to form!

Let's not mention that this was the ONE day I decided I wouldn't wear a hat or scarf on my head in the morning and went out into the world for the first time in a long time hat/scarf-less. Sheer laziness drives me to just do the quick and easy almost every day, except THIS DAY!


THAT'S just one example of the magic that's flooding my moments! Magic is everywhere! Everything just flows and carries me on the most effortless ride ever!


After a morning of watching me flow like this, my coworker says "stop it, you're freaking me out!" I ask "what do you mean???" She says "you keep getting everything you want!!!"

Yep. Welcome to my hologram.

Keep on keeping on, 'cause the Magic has you!


Tuesday, March 23

Molina Soleil

Effortless Freedom

Thursday night I'll be airing one of my 1on1 recorded sessions on releasing into Presence on Joy Vibe Radio. I'm only airing about 30 minutes of the session and leaving the second half of the show open to talk about the power of presence and the ease with which you can live moment after moment.

So much of the time most conscious beings are walking around with extra static noise crackling around in their mind. And this static noise, which takes the form of endless mind chatter (sometimes unavoidably loud) on the past or the future or whatever else isn't actually happening right now, veils the ever-present freedom of our being. We are so free right now that we can think ourselves into believing that we are not.

What says you are not free, what says that there is a problem, is only thought, and when you release this thought, your brilliant unbound essence shines on through.

Right here and right now is a space of effortless freedom. Lightness. Ease. Total F R E E D O M. When you expand out of the mind, when you release the tendency to contract into the stories the mind has a tendency to go on and on about moment after moment, all that confronts you is a spaciousness, a sense of expansiveness.

The most powerful gift you can give to yourself is to expand out of the story your mind may be weaving right now. The only place is Here. The only time is Now. Whatever your mind is going on about, whatever memory it is recalling into this immediate instant, is something you can easily release. Give yourself permission to release it.

What story, what stream of thought, can you fully and completely let go of right now? What story can you just drop in this moment?

Let your moment flow effortlessly. Let yourself flow freely in this moment. You are pure freedom dancing as a conscious being.

Tune in on Thursday 6PM PST/9PM EST or catch the show on demand at a later time on Joy Vibe Radio


Tuesday, March 16

the Gods are my sugardaddy

I went on a shopping trip for work. My coworker was cold so we walked into a sports clothing store to find her a jacket. Well, not only were the type of hiking shoes I wanted on sale there (and they only had one pair left there which just so happened to exactly be my size), but the store clerk points out, I can get any other pair of shoes on the shelf for free.


The Gods are my sugardaddy!

Okay Mom, I promise to buy lady shoes next time.


Monday, March 15

Eat Real. Eat Local.

This talks about Canada, but you can extend the message out to apply to anywhere in the world.

Sunday, March 14

Love Vibration

I am love. I am loved. I am loving. I feel the love vibration in my heart. I feel it expanding all through out my body and into my world. My world is love. I love you! ♡

Saturday, March 13

Heart Opening

I'm in a new world. On a new earth. In a new Universe. Everything appears to look the same, but it all feels drastically different. I trust my feelings, they are my primary sensors of where I am, what dimension, what frequency platform, what world.

What a whirl.

I woke up this morning blissing out, waking up from what feels like a deep dive into an ocean of pure love. Pure love. Pure pure pure love. An inexplicable type of zinging energy. Right now it seems to have collected itself from being spread throughout my body. Less electricity and more ripple-like feelings. It's concentrated in my heart center. Feels like little spiky pangs.My sisterlove says "my heart is glowing" when she experiences an opening like this, and it's that too.

I am a new me, resonating to a new frequency. My body adjusts. My mind expands, and my heart explodes letting in more love to align and calibrate every cell, every molecule, and every layer of what I am, whatever I am.

I don't know what I am, I just know whatever I am feels amazing right now! And while it's here in this moment, I'm just letting it consume me.
O heart, if only once you experience the light of purity,
Like a laughing candle, you can abandon the life you live in your head. 
- Hafiz

Friday, March 12


I start every morning with this reminder:

"nothing came before this instant
nothing comes after this instant
the only place is here
the only time is now"

I feel what the words point me toward. It instantly brings me into my center. Right now, I am inside a completely blank canvas, I am inside a completely blank page. I've been meditating daily for something like five years now. And even as I write that, it's really odd to think in time.

At first it came as a curiosity, and like most people that try meditating, I thought it was a ridiculous practice. My thoughts were fast. I couldn't find a gap or space between them. How do you stop thinking uncontrollably? I started with just five minutes of releasing my attachment to the thought-stream of the moment. Then that time grew. And my fascination with this inner resting place grew with it. The first thing I'd say to anyone who wants to achieve inner balance is, start meditating. And allow yourself to be easy about it. You no more get on a wild horse and expect to ride it with ease the first time, than you would turn inward and expect your untamed mind to be instantly silent. It could happen like that, but if it doesn't for you, practice and persist. It's worth the initial efforts.

I was really fascinated with this new mode of being, with this growing level of awareness of my inner world. I had no interest in what such an inward turn would allow you to do. Every book I had read on the topic said psychic abilities,  stronger access to your intution, clairvoyance, enlightenment and all sorts of other phenomena would arise. But the books I had emphasized the release of such experiences because they were of the world of waking consciousness only. So I did just that. I let these really cool experiences come and go. People would start to get sleepy around me - I chalked it off to my growing energy field of pure calmness. Got insomnia? Just come sit next to me. And all of these instances and more were just experiences of waking consciousness, a world that only arises when the brain-body is at a certain level of functioning. Why attach to that? Why hold on to that?

This lovely man said to me, "you know, it could take me years to achieve awakening." Of all the traps we set for ourselves, this is one of them. If you let yourself release the phenomena, the mind-stuff of waking consciousness, it is your innate awakeness that shines through. You are already awake, but you mask this with stories and conditions of time, with stories of waking consciousness. And that's just fine. It's all right.

I kept releasing the phenomena of sorts and being this space. We really can't contain the energy of this natural state into word-boxes and concepts. We can't touch it with words. It's the shiniest aspect of ourselves that's so worth accessing as often as possible. Funny stuff continued to happen around me, and again, I released them and saw them to be only passing experiences, like clouds, here one moment, dissipated in the next.

Like water, like food, like air, my being thirsts for this innate space of Stillness. I even often catch myself in a state of spontaneous meditation now. Where everything on the inside just goes silent. Completely wordless, thoughtless, and without internal motion. No pre-meditated meditation, just instantaneous in the moment peace, total peace, and a heart that feels like it's a giant glowing ball of heat. Sometimes these moments last hours, other times longer. And it is what everything else is, more experiences to release. More patterns of energy to completely let go of so that I can be this alive pulse of emptiness. So that I can be at Home in and as my Self.

Nothing to hang on to. No sticky stuff to get tangled up in. Storyless and historyless. No stories to make up. Nothing happened before Now. Nothing will happen after Here. All there is, is this tiny sliver of immediacy where breathing arises, where waking up arises, where falling asleep arises, where all the experiences of humanity and physical consciousness arise.

It all floats on by, and that's the gift of this amazing world where nothing actually happens and everything appears to be happening.

I am fully medicated. All day, everyday, I Am That I Am.

Yours in Love,
Unknown and Unknowable

Thursday, March 11

Transformation Partners

I woke up this morning from dreams about linking up with a transformation partner, a guy. I woke up to an image of me sitting face to face with this guy on a couch of sorts, doing some exercises and feeling the power of that complete circuit we were creating. I woke up feeling amazing.

Transformation is the topic of today.

And now I sit smiling at the way all the details in my world have arranged themselves.

There's something about having a partner to process yourself with - something powerful about having an open mirror to be your most authentic self with, exposing everything and ready to release and embrace all the layers of who you are in the moment.

I already have one guy friend who I've had a few moments like that with, and the changes that ensued from our conversations have been eye opening and amazing for me. There's something different for me about the female-male reflection than a female-female. They both bring into the light different angles of myself.

I'm excited to know that my dreams and my world are right now telling me THERE'S MORE of that coming!!!

Find someone you can be completely open with. The way they'll mirror your light for you, the way they'll show you patterns about yourself that you may be ready to release and embrace will astound you!

We are amazing mirrors!

love love love


Monday, March 8

the way i love

"Direct the course of love. For love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course." ~ Gibran Kahlil Gibran
The biggest difference between a soul-based and ego-based relationship is your ability to surrender and let go. When you are relating to your partner on a soul level, you deeply realize that everything that happens is perfect in its own way. You start to recognize the beauty of what happens in your partnership even if it is different from your original expectations. When you surrender completely to what is; you allow the true beauty of the relationship to blossom. You get to enjoy spontaneous moments of love and laughter. In this kind of relationship, there is a deep sense of freedom that permeates all moments. Both you and your mate are completely free to be and express your true selves since the ego is no longer calling the shots.
"Soul meets soul on lover's lips." ~ Percy Bysshe Shelly
One of the amazing things about living in a soul-based relationship is that your focus naturally flows to loving what is instead of changing what is. It is really that simple. The soul knows and sees the perfection of whatever occurs, and thus it becomes easy to unconditionally love your spouse or mate. Love based on meeting certain ego conditions is not authentic love. True love is so expansive and all-encompassing that no conditions even exist to be fulfilled.

To love deeply and unconditionally is our divine nature. Notice how you naturally love animals, babies, flowers, the mountains, or the sun. You don’t place any conditions on these things. You would never tell a flower that it had to be purple instead of pink for you to love it. You just love it because it is divine, and simply exists. The ego is the one that’s been doling out love based on your partner meeting certain conditions. Once you move out of this way of operating in your relationship, you can begin to truly love from the soul and see the divine beauty in everything that surrounds you, including your mate.
"To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart. And to sing it to them when they have forgotten." ~ Anonymous

As the great mystic Osho once said, “You need not worry whether the other loves you in return or not. Never ask for love; love comes, and it comes a thousand-fold. You go on giving and it comes.”  Many people believe if they give away their love unconditionally without expecting it back from their mate, they will never experience the blissful feelings of love they so deeply desire. The opposite is true. The more you can give away your love to your partner and others for that matter, the more love you will receive back from your mate and the entire Universe. - - Written by Margot Zaher

I choose to love everything just as it is, not only because that is how I am loved by this magnificent power we call Love or God or the Universe, but also because to be unconditional in the way I love, is the most liberating feeling in the world. To love any other way is to work too hard at something that is too natural to our being. Loving in a surrendered kind of way, is the only way that ever feels good to every part of me. If I feel a wrong-ness it is always and only because of my own thoughts.

Trying to change you, trying to say that you have to change your shades and colors, having a long list of what needs to be different about you so that we can blossom, so that we can be love, is like asking the sun to be a little dimmer, it's like asking the ocean to be a little less majestic. You are bright and radiant, warm and exhilarating just as you are. You are a miracle of all miracles just as you are in each and every moment. No matter the shade you wear. No matter the state of being you occupy. If I fail to see this, it is only because I've let myself go blind. My vision, my sight, my perception, my interpretation, has nothing to do with you. My failure to see the ever-present light in you, is just that, MY failure. If I want to see you change, I only have to release the thoughts that say you aren't magnificent just the way you are. And just like that I am free of my own self-imposed restrictions to loving you.

I am present to you, not to my conditional thoughts about you. I am present to your being, not to my learned concepts of how you ought to be and behave. I am present to the love that you are in every breath, not to the learned restrictions of how men and women must be in this world. I am present to your ever-present light. I am present to an unconditional love, which is what we are in every way.

That is how I choose to love. Ever day.


Friday, March 5

Insights are sights from withIN

Listening to the Light within, the IN-sights of my own unfolding, leaves me feeling still and getting even stiller within.

The Stiller I get in a moment, the more I Know and 
the more I feel my freedom, my fulfillment, my     e v e r y t h i n g.

What I've been feeling and Knowing:

The most amazing place to reside is in un-conditionality, in letting yourself be as you are, and in letting everything and everyone be as they are. I am a field of acceptance. I am in full release and openness.

Intuition is really the first sense rather than the sixth. Trust it. It is communication from your center of all-knowing-ness. I trust what my inner-sight, what my First Sight reveals to me. And so I'm seeing more than what appears to be here.

This moment is a profound moment.


Thursday, March 4

You Can Do Anything

What he said:

"Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own...

Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality...

Don’t put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you. Don’t do it to yourself – don’t bet against yourself. And, take risks...

Failure has to be an option in art and in exploration because it’s a leap of faith. And, no important endeavor that required innovation was done without risk. You have to be willing to take those risks. So, that’s the thought I would leave you with, it's that in whatever you are doing , failure is an option, but fear is not."

- James Cameron

Oh how I love all the ways we CAN inspire one another!


Tuesday, March 2

I am Unguarded

It's amazing to keep learning and keep finding myself in the perfect opportunities to be who I really want to be. I am so grateful to find those hidden tendencies when they come up to the surface.  Because once I see them, I'm in a new place of being, a new place where I now have the choice to release and be more of my whole self.

The more I open up, the more I choose to keep myself open to the things and people around me, the more I discover those little pockets of stories that prefer that I stay guarded, reserved, and protected. These are those little self-made or inherited stories that have me pull back from something or someone, that poke at me to save myself, to protect myself, to self-preserve. But what these little tendencies are really doing is separating me from creating a real kind of sharing of myself with the beautiful face in front of me, or the divine situation I'm in the middle of. Everything that keeps me closed up, that has me pulling away from something or someone is just a story in my head. Something old. Something learned. Something to let go of from somewhere within the folds of my mind.

Ever had that experience of being fully and completely One with something? Like there was no space between you and this something or someone? The energy is amazing and energizing for days on end. It is one of the most amazing experiences of this life, and it is this experience of total Unity these little stories stop us from engaging in.

I'm in this space where I WANT to share all of myself with whatever and who ever is coming into my experience. I want to just melt into oneness every which way. To sit across the table from a sweet friend and say everything in my heart. Talk with a guy somebody and say whatever is in my heart and really be transparent about where I am and who I am in that moment. Really connecting with the life form in front of me. No reservations. No shields. Just full out bare nakedness. Really creating an open flow of sharing. Why hold back? What are we protecting?

I continued this conversation in my head with my shiny sisterfriend Christy, and neither of us understood this pattern. This pattern that says "if I really share myself, if I really put my whole self out there, my whole heart out there, then I'm going to get rejected/hurt/wounded (and so on)." I did away with that belief as fast as I recognized it. Things are unconscious until you're aware of them. After that, they are just choices you make.

I choose to be unguarded. I choose to share everything I am. No holding back. No hiding behind anything.

I AM completely unguarded. Hopelessly open to everything! With nothing to lose and everything to gain.

in alotta love,

Baby Smiles as Meditation

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