Friday, February 12

Look into your heart ♪♫

Love is all that creates this experience.
Love is all that flows through all things.
Love is what everything is made of.

Love is the only current in this Universe. That makes Love, the only real currency of this experience.

Love is the only current - see?

The more Love you flow through you, the more your creative power grows.

Choose Love. Flow Love. Be Love. Allow Love.

LOVE MEDITATION by John Randolph Price
Relax and Let Go. Be still in mind and emotions and bring the focus of your attention to your heart center where the Permanent Atom of Universal Love is located. Say to yourself: I am love, I am loved, I am loving. I feel the love vibration in my heart…I feel it expanding throughout my body. All there is is love………love……love

In your mind’s eye see that Atom of Universal Love in your heart center. Imagine it as a shining crystal of love, a glistening jewel of love. Contemplate it. Focus on the Love Diamond with clarity of vision and know that all the love in the universe is concentrated right there, within you. Now in your imagination see it slowly open to release its light. See the radiant rays begin to flow, moving and filling your entire energy field, your mind, your feelings, your body. See yourself as a radiating Center of Divine Love. See the Love Essence radiating and filling the room where you are, and continuing to flow in streams of Golden Light moving out across the land to encircle this planet. See the radiance of your Permanent Atom of Universal Love flowing like a mighty stream and see this world filled with the light of love.
Now say to yourself:  I am Universal Love in radiant expression, and I now love as I have never loved before in my life. I silently, powerfully and intensely radiate my love, and I send it everywhere without exception. I see it flowing into my body, my loved ones. I see the Cosmic Rays of Love going before me to envelope and permeate everyone in my consciousness. Those who have rejected me, who have hurt me, who have not recognized my true worth, I send my love to you with no conditions attached. I love you for Who and What you are. I love everyone without exception. I love everything without exception. I am the mighty power of god’s love in radiant expression, and I let my love go before me to heal and harmonize every condition in my life.

Spirit of the Living God within, I am your love. I am your love in expression and I will keep this love vibration in my heart and thoughts of love in my mind, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, for I know that as I begin to love more and more, every limitation in my life will vanish and my personal world will become whole and joyous.

And the light is growing and spreading. My light of love is joining with others who have opened the Crystal of Love and together we are saturating this world with love. The healing has begun, it is happening now, and I am doing my part to dissolve the limitations of humankind and restore this world to sanity.

I love as I have never loved before. I can love because I know who and what I am, I am love, and I will never hold back my love. I will let it forever flow unconditionally, universally, divinely, powerfully and intensely. I am love and I rest now in the silence, thinking only of the love I am and the love I give and the love I receive.

All there is is love.
♪♫ Look into your heart and you'll find ♪♫

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jouettelove said...

so, so, SO beautiful. you touch my heart deeply, i am grateful for you.

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