Monday, February 8

I feed My Soul LOVE

I was making note of how much food and water I consume day to day. And I thought about it. What feeds my soul? What nourishes my soul the way food and water nourish my body? What's the equivalent of water and food to my soul?

I came up with...


Okay, I can feel that. Now how do I feed my soul LOVE day in and day out, moment after moment?

By thinking thoughts that affirm love. By focusing on what I love about where I am and who's with me here. By choosing to let the energy of love run through me. By remembering that I am loved as I go on about my day. As I have my breakfast I'll remember "I am loved." As I get ready to take my dog out, I'll remember "I am loved". As I go to get my mail, I'll remember "I am loved". Through out my day, I'll take myself into thoughts of love. Every day. Day in and day out.

Like my hands carry the food or water to my mouth, my thoughts carry energy to my soul, my being. And so the more I think thoughts of a higher order, of a higher energy, the more my soul is nourished by those energies.

Love is delicious.

I ❤❤


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