Monday, February 22

I Am the DREAM

Proper blog entry 378 – these are the voyages of the starship Kidest and her continuing mission to explore a strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

My facebook status update for today pretty much captures the prevailing mindset in my life right now: Oh Universe, you’re so DREAMY.

I am loving where I am, so much so that sitting down to write a full blog entry or read one, or call, or write my relatives, and such has been escaping me completely for many scenes. Oops. I am grateful for facebook's birthday reminders and fast-food like connection. I’m remedying that right now though.

Between the mountains, ocean, backyard sanctuary river and trees, and the new activities and connections I’m swimming in, life is just a whole new layer of delicious. I’m more focused than I’ve ever been. I’m more connected than I’ve ever been. I’m more energized than I’ve ever been. I’m more open than I’ve ever been, smiling and making eye contact at and with just about everyone on my path. Everything is happening in better ways, in brighter ways, in much more clever ways than I expected. This seems to be in the air and I’m grateful to witness it unfolding in the lives of my conscious love-choosing counterparts all over the world. THANK YOU contains the energy that swirls around me for everything and everyone I am drawn to see and not see. Inspiration is everywhere for me right now! And it helps that the sun has been out and shining every day lately! I even have the moon casting light into my bedroom to add to the mystical romantic feeling everything around me has been emitting. The Universe is my CasaNova.

I’m dreaming of Shamans and Native elders lately too, not sure why, could be the weekly Monday morning drumming that goes on upstairs at my workplace activating me in new ways. I welcome it with an open heart. Especially now that my inner abilities have expanded. I see more. I hear more. I feel more. I feel like a whole new being in this skin. Is it the ocean? Is it the energy of the times? Whatever the case, it’s tasty and makes me feel other worldly. And I embrace that too.

I’m writing a lot and getting in about three publications every month. I’m committed to that and it feels good. It feels good to have an outlet for my ideas. I haven’t sat down to talk to a camera for youtube episodes but ideas have been cooking so something new will come of it all. In other words, I’m still a creative machine and it feels really good! It feels like the more I produce, the more I give, the more I find I have in me to give again. How fantastic is that!? A bottomless pit of creativity?!!? Sign me up!

I have also, over these months, found myself with a strengthening and growing connection with some beautiful golden goddesses. Real women. Real committed to the vision of self-transformation. It has me flying to all sorts of new heights. With them “I gotta go do my MEDS” means “I gotta go do my meditations.” I’m thrilled. To know, to talk regularly with other beings focused on self-mastery in every way takes my heart to new levels. It’s amazing. There's no room amidst us for self-limiting ideas. Instead we challenge each other to choose to transform our old patterns rather than offer them up as stories to share. The collective inspiration and devotion to ruling our own inner atmospheres zaps me with amazing feelings. This thing we’re doing is unspeakably energizing. When like-hearts get together on purpose, the things they uncover and discover about themselves is so liberating, empowering, and magical. I am so honored by their presence, their being, and all the ways they each inspire me to be my whole self.  Everyone needs this, this constant cycling of uplifting energy amongst a sacred circle. We are one another’s sacred space and there is so much power to tap into in the middle of us - if we would just choose to be one another's reflection of pure light.

What else? Oh! The whale migration happens at the end of March around these parts. How cool is that!? I’m excited to see it! I’m excited to FEEL it!

Lot's to do. Lot's to see. Tofino. Learning to Surf. Costa Rica bon fire. Getting a car. Driving down to Seattle to love-fest it out and then taking the journey further down to San Diego and L.A. for more energizing meet-ups. Sedona party. Gracias Madre.

The magic is so much more visible than ever before and the fire burning brighter with each breath. Life is my playground and meditation is my medication.

Be Still and KNOW you OWN this Dream.


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Pina *Kristina* Colada said...

Beautiful Kid!
I love to see how good and magickal your life is!You are just a little goddess with a magickal golden touch!

Can't wait to hug you!

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