Tuesday, February 9

Decisions Are Power-FULL

Tap into the decisive power within you. Access the force of your own being to shift the reality you are experiencing.  DECIDE on the outcome you want, and let go.You are magic! You are power-full.

more to come at: http://www.youtube.com/intrinsicfocus

love and more love

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Pina *Kristina* Colada said...

Yes!I love it!
Oh and holy poop,your voice is sexy,Kid.
Tika actually posted once that she decided she won't be sick again..And boom..As far as I know she is healthy..
It's very powerful making a decision and trust that it is crystalizing as we speak.I actually think it's the only thing that moves our lives..Decisions..Whether consciously or unconsciously...
Love you bunches.

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