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take me to rancho Santa Fe

I'm in love with this view.

When can I move in Universe? And can you add a sprinkle of oceanview for my view??? Thanks!


I Am the DREAM

Proper blog entry 378 – these are the voyages of the starship Kidest and her continuing mission to explore a strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

My facebook status update for today pretty much captures the prevailing mindset in my life right now: Oh Universe, you’re so DREAMY.

I am loving where I am, so much so that sitting down to write a full blog entry or read one, or call, or write my relatives, and such has been escaping me completely for many scenes. Oops. I am grateful for facebook's birthday reminders and fast-food like connection. I’m remedying that right now though.

Between the mountains, ocean, backyard sanctuary river and trees, and the new activities and connections I’m swimming in, life is just a whole new layer of delicious. I’m more focused than I’ve ever been. I’m more connected than I’ve ever been. I’m more energized than I’ve ever been. I’m more open than I’ve ever been, smiling and making ey…

Eagle Totem

When an Eagle shows up, you take the message and take to flight.

"Eagle with courage you soar
Showing me the heights I am capable of reaching
In balance my connection to the spiritual and physical
I grace the Earth but I am truly free when I fly
Courage you are mine"

And So It Is.

I am grateful! And LOVED!



The magic of perception!

I'm amazed by just how much of what we experience is subject to how our mind/brain/body is configured. To SEE sound. To TASTE color. If it's all a matter of our neurology, then how much of what we see "out there" is really OUT THERE? If someone actually experiences Zucchini as a gray dull yellow, a way of experiencing that I actually have no reference for at this point in my evolution, then how much of what I experience as a Zucchini is of my own neurological bias or programming?

I love this reality.

Nothing is ever as it seems...

It's Amazing

I feel sweet
Do you feel sweet?
It’s amazing
I have no skin
And I feel everything
It’s amazing
I feel good
When you feel good
I knew I would
And it’s amazing
I’ve wanted this for so long
Now the deed has been done
We shall rise with the sun
And spend our time as one

Now there is no sin
In anything
And it’s amazing
I love life
I hope you do too
‘Cause I love everything
It’s all amazing
I feel you
Do you feel you?
I understand
When they say we’re born again
'Cause I feel born again
I’m born again
And it’s amazing
And it’s the best thing
And it’s glorious
It’s life changing
This feeling
Is amazing
It’s the best thing
It’s glorious
It’s life changing

This feeling

This feeling
Oh lord this feeling
It’s amazing
It’s in the stars
In the sun
It’s everywhere
In everyone
And it will be every day
From now on
From now on
We are one
And it’s amazing
It’s in the stars
In the sun
It’s everywhere
In everyone
And it will be every day
From now on
From now on
We are one
And it’s amazing
It’s in the stars
In …

Look into your heart ♪♫

Love is all that creates this experience.
Love is all that flows through all things.
Love is what everything is made of.

Love is the only current in this Universe. That makes Love, the only real currency of this experience.

Love is the only current - see?

The more Love you flow through you, the more your creative power grows.

Choose Love. Flow Love. Be Love. Allow Love.

LOVE MEDITATION by John Randolph Price Relax and Let Go. Be still in mind and emotions and bring the focus of your attention to your heart center where the Permanent Atom of Universal Love is located. Say to yourself: I am love, I am loved, I am loving. I feel the love vibration in my heart…I feel it expanding throughout my body. All there is is love………love……love

In your mind’s eye see that Atom of Universal Love in your heart center. Imagine it as a shining crystal of love, a glistening jewel of love. Contemplate it. Focus on the Love Diamond with clarity of vision and know that all the love in the universe is co…

I feed My Soul LOVE

I was making note of how much food and water I consume day to day. And I thought about it. What feeds my soul? What nourishes my soul the way food and water nourish my body? What's the equivalent of water and food to my soul?

I came up with...


Okay, I can feel that. Now how do I feed my soul LOVE day in and day out, moment after moment?

By thinking thoughts that affirm love. By focusing on what I love about where I am and who's with me here. By choosing to let the energy of love run through me. By remembering that I am loved as I go on about my day. As I have my breakfast I'll remember "I am loved." As I get ready to take my dog out, I'll remember "I am loved". As I go to get my mail, I'll remember "I am loved". Through out my day, I'll take myself into thoughts of love. Every day. Day in and day out.

Like my hands carry the food or water to my mouth, my thoughts carry energy to my soul, my being. And so the more I think th…

Answering The Call To Transform

I'm in the middle of finishing up an article on beliefs. I'm telling my readers to get into the habit of asking "what is it that I think and believe about myself and my life that this pattern manifested?" There's a knock on my door. The electrician is here with Mikki (my property manager) to fix a plug I had stuck a post-it note on asking "where is the reality in which this plug is working" a few days before. I ask the Universe all sorts of crazy questions like that. He goes in to do his work and she and I sit to chit-chat while she eats her lunch. She then proceeds to ask me if I'd seen the people in apartment 8 right across from me. Now that I think of it, I actually haven't seen them around. I answer that I'd seen them only once right around the time I moved in and ask why. She tells me that they're gone, they've moved out. After a few more queries I find out they were full out racists and most likely moved out because I'm bla…

It's about ME

The choice to NOT feel or flow Love is never about the other thing or person, it's about ME. I can FEEL LOVE NOW or I can resist it. I am FLOWing Love in this moment or I am using something or someone as an excuse to RESIST it.It's simple.