Friday, February 26

take me to rancho Santa Fe

I'm in love with this view.

When can I move in Universe? And can you add a sprinkle of oceanview for my view??? Thanks!



Monday, February 22

I Am the DREAM

Proper blog entry 378 – these are the voyages of the starship Kidest and her continuing mission to explore a strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

My facebook status update for today pretty much captures the prevailing mindset in my life right now: Oh Universe, you’re so DREAMY.

I am loving where I am, so much so that sitting down to write a full blog entry or read one, or call, or write my relatives, and such has been escaping me completely for many scenes. Oops. I am grateful for facebook's birthday reminders and fast-food like connection. I’m remedying that right now though.

Between the mountains, ocean, backyard sanctuary river and trees, and the new activities and connections I’m swimming in, life is just a whole new layer of delicious. I’m more focused than I’ve ever been. I’m more connected than I’ve ever been. I’m more energized than I’ve ever been. I’m more open than I’ve ever been, smiling and making eye contact at and with just about everyone on my path. Everything is happening in better ways, in brighter ways, in much more clever ways than I expected. This seems to be in the air and I’m grateful to witness it unfolding in the lives of my conscious love-choosing counterparts all over the world. THANK YOU contains the energy that swirls around me for everything and everyone I am drawn to see and not see. Inspiration is everywhere for me right now! And it helps that the sun has been out and shining every day lately! I even have the moon casting light into my bedroom to add to the mystical romantic feeling everything around me has been emitting. The Universe is my CasaNova.

I’m dreaming of Shamans and Native elders lately too, not sure why, could be the weekly Monday morning drumming that goes on upstairs at my workplace activating me in new ways. I welcome it with an open heart. Especially now that my inner abilities have expanded. I see more. I hear more. I feel more. I feel like a whole new being in this skin. Is it the ocean? Is it the energy of the times? Whatever the case, it’s tasty and makes me feel other worldly. And I embrace that too.

I’m writing a lot and getting in about three publications every month. I’m committed to that and it feels good. It feels good to have an outlet for my ideas. I haven’t sat down to talk to a camera for youtube episodes but ideas have been cooking so something new will come of it all. In other words, I’m still a creative machine and it feels really good! It feels like the more I produce, the more I give, the more I find I have in me to give again. How fantastic is that!? A bottomless pit of creativity?!!? Sign me up!

I have also, over these months, found myself with a strengthening and growing connection with some beautiful golden goddesses. Real women. Real committed to the vision of self-transformation. It has me flying to all sorts of new heights. With them “I gotta go do my MEDS” means “I gotta go do my meditations.” I’m thrilled. To know, to talk regularly with other beings focused on self-mastery in every way takes my heart to new levels. It’s amazing. There's no room amidst us for self-limiting ideas. Instead we challenge each other to choose to transform our old patterns rather than offer them up as stories to share. The collective inspiration and devotion to ruling our own inner atmospheres zaps me with amazing feelings. This thing we’re doing is unspeakably energizing. When like-hearts get together on purpose, the things they uncover and discover about themselves is so liberating, empowering, and magical. I am so honored by their presence, their being, and all the ways they each inspire me to be my whole self.  Everyone needs this, this constant cycling of uplifting energy amongst a sacred circle. We are one another’s sacred space and there is so much power to tap into in the middle of us - if we would just choose to be one another's reflection of pure light.

What else? Oh! The whale migration happens at the end of March around these parts. How cool is that!? I’m excited to see it! I’m excited to FEEL it!

Lot's to do. Lot's to see. Tofino. Learning to Surf. Costa Rica bon fire. Getting a car. Driving down to Seattle to love-fest it out and then taking the journey further down to San Diego and L.A. for more energizing meet-ups. Sedona party. Gracias Madre.

The magic is so much more visible than ever before and the fire burning brighter with each breath. Life is my playground and meditation is my medication.

Be Still and KNOW you OWN this Dream.


Sunday, February 21

Eagle Totem

When an Eagle shows up, you take the message and take to flight.

"Eagle with courage you soar
Showing me the heights I am capable of reaching
In balance my connection to the spiritual and physical
I grace the Earth but I am truly free when I fly
Courage you are mine"

And So It Is.

I am grateful! And LOVED!


Saturday, February 20


The magic of perception!

I'm amazed by just how much of what we experience is subject to how our mind/brain/body is configured. To SEE sound. To TASTE color. If it's all a matter of our neurology, then how much of what we see "out there" is really OUT THERE? If someone actually experiences Zucchini as a gray dull yellow, a way of experiencing that I actually have no reference for at this point in my evolution, then how much of what I experience as a Zucchini is of my own neurological bias or programming?

I love this reality.

Nothing is ever as it seems...

Monday, February 15

It's Amazing

I feel sweet
Do you feel sweet?
It’s amazing
I have no skin
And I feel everything
It’s amazing
I feel good
When you feel good
I knew I would
And it’s amazing
I’ve wanted this for so long
Now the deed has been done
We shall rise with the sun
And spend our time as one

Now there is no sin
In anything
And it’s amazing
I love life
I hope you do too
‘Cause I love everything
It’s all amazing
I feel you
Do you feel you?
I understand
When they say we’re born again
'Cause I feel born again
I’m born again
And it’s amazing
And it’s the best thing
And it’s glorious
It’s life changing
This feeling
Is amazing
It’s the best thing
It’s glorious
It’s life changing

This feeling

This feeling
Oh lord this feeling
It’s amazing
It’s in the stars
In the sun
It’s everywhere
In everyone
And it will be every day
From now on
From now on
We are one
And it’s amazing
It’s in the stars
In the sun
It’s everywhere
In everyone
And it will be every day
From now on
From now on
We are one
And it’s amazing
It’s in the stars
In the sun
It’s everywhere
In everyone
And it will be every day
From now on
From now on
We are one
And it’s amazing

Friday, February 12

Look into your heart ♪♫

Love is all that creates this experience.
Love is all that flows through all things.
Love is what everything is made of.

Love is the only current in this Universe. That makes Love, the only real currency of this experience.

Love is the only current - see?

The more Love you flow through you, the more your creative power grows.

Choose Love. Flow Love. Be Love. Allow Love.

LOVE MEDITATION by John Randolph Price
Relax and Let Go. Be still in mind and emotions and bring the focus of your attention to your heart center where the Permanent Atom of Universal Love is located. Say to yourself: I am love, I am loved, I am loving. I feel the love vibration in my heart…I feel it expanding throughout my body. All there is is love………love……love

In your mind’s eye see that Atom of Universal Love in your heart center. Imagine it as a shining crystal of love, a glistening jewel of love. Contemplate it. Focus on the Love Diamond with clarity of vision and know that all the love in the universe is concentrated right there, within you. Now in your imagination see it slowly open to release its light. See the radiant rays begin to flow, moving and filling your entire energy field, your mind, your feelings, your body. See yourself as a radiating Center of Divine Love. See the Love Essence radiating and filling the room where you are, and continuing to flow in streams of Golden Light moving out across the land to encircle this planet. See the radiance of your Permanent Atom of Universal Love flowing like a mighty stream and see this world filled with the light of love.
Now say to yourself:  I am Universal Love in radiant expression, and I now love as I have never loved before in my life. I silently, powerfully and intensely radiate my love, and I send it everywhere without exception. I see it flowing into my body, my loved ones. I see the Cosmic Rays of Love going before me to envelope and permeate everyone in my consciousness. Those who have rejected me, who have hurt me, who have not recognized my true worth, I send my love to you with no conditions attached. I love you for Who and What you are. I love everyone without exception. I love everything without exception. I am the mighty power of god’s love in radiant expression, and I let my love go before me to heal and harmonize every condition in my life.

Spirit of the Living God within, I am your love. I am your love in expression and I will keep this love vibration in my heart and thoughts of love in my mind, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, for I know that as I begin to love more and more, every limitation in my life will vanish and my personal world will become whole and joyous.

And the light is growing and spreading. My light of love is joining with others who have opened the Crystal of Love and together we are saturating this world with love. The healing has begun, it is happening now, and I am doing my part to dissolve the limitations of humankind and restore this world to sanity.

I love as I have never loved before. I can love because I know who and what I am, I am love, and I will never hold back my love. I will let it forever flow unconditionally, universally, divinely, powerfully and intensely. I am love and I rest now in the silence, thinking only of the love I am and the love I give and the love I receive.

All there is is love.
♪♫ Look into your heart and you'll find ♪♫

Tuesday, February 9

Decisions Are Power-FULL

Tap into the decisive power within you. Access the force of your own being to shift the reality you are experiencing.  DECIDE on the outcome you want, and let go.You are magic! You are power-full.

more to come at:

love and more love

Monday, February 8

I feed My Soul LOVE

I was making note of how much food and water I consume day to day. And I thought about it. What feeds my soul? What nourishes my soul the way food and water nourish my body? What's the equivalent of water and food to my soul?

I came up with...


Okay, I can feel that. Now how do I feed my soul LOVE day in and day out, moment after moment?

By thinking thoughts that affirm love. By focusing on what I love about where I am and who's with me here. By choosing to let the energy of love run through me. By remembering that I am loved as I go on about my day. As I have my breakfast I'll remember "I am loved." As I get ready to take my dog out, I'll remember "I am loved". As I go to get my mail, I'll remember "I am loved". Through out my day, I'll take myself into thoughts of love. Every day. Day in and day out.

Like my hands carry the food or water to my mouth, my thoughts carry energy to my soul, my being. And so the more I think thoughts of a higher order, of a higher energy, the more my soul is nourished by those energies.

Love is delicious.

I ❤❤


Thursday, February 4

Answering The Call To Transform

I'm in the middle of finishing up an article on beliefs. I'm telling my readers to get into the habit of asking "what is it that I think and believe about myself and my life that this pattern manifested?" There's a knock on my door. The electrician is here with Mikki (my property manager) to fix a plug I had stuck a post-it note on asking "where is the reality in which this plug is working" a few days before. I ask the Universe all sorts of crazy questions like that. He goes in to do his work and she and I sit to chit-chat while she eats her lunch. She then proceeds to ask me if I'd seen the people in apartment 8 right across from me. Now that I think of it, I actually haven't seen them around. I answer that I'd seen them only once right around the time I moved in and ask why. She tells me that they're gone, they've moved out. After a few more queries I find out they were full out racists and most likely moved out because I'm black.

I felt nothing. I scanned myself for any reactions and nothing. I didn't feel hurt or anything else. In fact, I thought, well no matter how it appears to others eyes I know things are perfect just the way they are, that this after all is something divine in every way. And then I thought about it. This happened weeks ago. It didn't happen in my reality until this very moment. Why? Why in this precise moment did this story come, right as I'm writing an article on how everything manifests out of our beliefs? Divine Orchestration - the Universe always conspiring in miraculous ways to benefit ME. The words I had just written to my readers echoed in my mind. "What is it that I think and believe about myself and my life that this story just found my ears right now?"

And there it was. An old definition. I've always had this background story in my head that said "will he like me even though I'm black?" Or "are they looking at me like that because I'm black?" Or "is this store clerk judging me right now because I'm black?" There it was, this old story waving at me like a little kid caught doing something bad. It's a pattern that emerged only once I came to this part of the world, where I heard stories about racism, where I was taught through historical tales and TV shows that I could be treated differently because of the color of my skin, that people may not only not like me but hate me because of the color of my space suit.  I've never directly experienced racism. My life is an endless sequence of kind souls showing up to show me what Love looks like. It's these thoughts that I have no reason to think apart from hearing second-hand stories. Notice how I didn't even directly encounter the negativity but received the second-hand info weeks after?

So I took this moment to be exactly what it was. A chance to once again transform myself and choose to transcend and dissolve old stories, very outdated one's at that since my self-definitions have expanded in profound ways over these past years. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to release this old background story. I'm going to choose to see that it is only Love that meets me through every eye. And Love sees ME as I am rather than how I appear in this temporary world. This is definitely a background story I'm awake to now and ready to release.

Thank you for the chance to transform my beliefs Apartment 8, you are a well disguised gift from Love itself.

Too Infinity I go! The symbols are seldom lost on me.


It's about ME

The choice to NOT feel or flow Love is never about the other thing or person, it's about ME. I can FEEL LOVE NOW or I can resist it. I am FLOWing Love in this moment or I am using something or someone as an excuse to RESIST it.

It's simple.

Baby Smiles as Meditation

You know when you're having a frazzled day and something pops up in your face to get you to slow down, get back to earth, and just remem...