Sunday, January 24

Jim Carrey

I was thinking about the kind of man I want to be around just three minutes ago. Clarifying my vision and challenging myself to believe that he exists in this world, challenging myself to not settle for anything else. And then I saw these videos. As I listened to Mr.Carrey, I thought...that's exactly the kind of man I'm looking for. One who knows who he really is. One who knows the power of his own mind, focus, and intention. One who knows and so eloquently expresses the nature of this amazing reality. One who is committed to living every moment from this miraculous space beyond thought, beyond illusions...How I love the ways the Universe says to me "is this what you mean?"

This is exactly what I mean (but maybe a decade or so younger!) - one who KNOWS and LIVES and BREATHES it!!!

"And I want to take as many people with me as I can because the feeling is amazing" <----- YES! ME TOO!!! ME TOO!!!


Namaste Mr.Light (thanks Ariel!)

I Am all of it!

My dreams are beginning to make sense! This is exactly the feeling I was looking for, the man whose words I'm in so much resonance with. That's what I was trying to describe. The likeness of intention, the similarity of our understanding and experience, the unique flavor of the expression. Captivating! THANK YOU for the instantaneous confirmation beautiful Universe. Just AMAZING! I won't settle for anything less than CAPTIVATING! My heart always knows :)

in love,

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