Thursday, January 7

Creating in True Love

The notion of fighting for True Love and the whole idea of "life getting in the way of true love" seem like one of our limiting beliefs to me. To my eyes, it's only the belief that you have to fight for love or that love is a struggle or that it is chaotic, that creates the sense and experience of it being that very way. What if we started thinking and believing that life unconditionally supports our endless experience of true love? What if our mantra became "today and every day life wants me to experience my true love"? What if we started residing in a state of mind that said "this moment is my true love made manifest"? What if we created a reality that demonstrated that life and true love are one and the same thing? What if we dropped the belief that made life an antagonist of love? How could life ever get in the way of the only thing that it is?

Life is love. Life is true love. Life itself, the whole of it, is the only true and lasting love there is. Life never interferes with Love, only our own limiting beliefs that say such things and distort Love do. Where did we come up with all these beliefs??? This whole expanse of creativity we call "living" is only Love manifesting itself. How does Love interfere with itself? Love is really all there ever is, whether we see it and receive it, or completely misinterpret it with our endless stream of limiting stories.

The more I unfold the more it seems to me like every single moment wants to show me one thing, and one thing only - that Love is all there is, that every single detail in this moment is Love, and that I am completely One with all of it. Every single thing I see and don't see, every single person that appears and doesn't appear in my reality is True Love and is a fully integrated aspect of myself!

The instant I unify myself with whoever or whatever, when I recognize that everything and everyone is an aspect of myself and is my own true love, my mind has zero complaints to generate about anything that appears in my world. My mind stops fighting with the world and embraces and unifies itself into oneness. When I'm holding this view, nothing feels like a struggle. Nothing feels like effort, work, or a fight. It ALL flows to me and through me in amazing ways. When I slip into the thought that says "all of this is my true love," even if I don't understand what it's trying to tell me, then the world before me transforms into an experience of that. If I look at a situation or a person and think "this is a cooperating aspect of my own being, this itself is my true love", every single moment, even the one's where the moment appears to defy my version of how things "ought" to be or what I had planned for them to be, turns out to be an immense blessing orchestrated by That Love that has a broader view of everything that is me and my life.

Life and true love in my eyes are completely one and the same. There is no competition between the two. Life never interferes with True Love. It can't! Only our made-up limiting stories do! So let's drop them! Let's drop the stories, the beliefs and practiced thoughts that say that there are things that can interfere with True Love! Let's make love effortless. Let's make love graceful. Lets reveal love to be fluid, endless, and easy to live in and as. Let's make true love be all that there is in every moment of our lives. Let's!

Be in love with the whole of life. Celebrate that you're here now in this creativity called living. Celebrate each moment and each being of love that comes into your sight. Celebrate each manifestation and know that it's only there to reveal to you the stories you've created and are holding on to. Let not a single appearance make you think that life is against or interfering with the flow of love in your life. Life unconditionally supports you and your experience of immense love. Beliefs that say otherwise, such thoughts that imply that you have to struggle to experience love, that there are things working against you, only create the experience to validate your beliefs. Your beliefs are powerful. Your practiced thoughts are powerful. Choose to see that this moment and every detail that it holds IS love - true and unconditional love. Choose to keep Love as your lens at all times.

When we resolve to see that True Love is all there is right now as every detail of this moment, oh the magic that overtakes the heart, the eyes, the soul of everything we are...

inside Love,


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