Thursday, January 7

Celebrating You

I kept her letter tucked under my arm as I walked to the bus stop this morning so I could read it a few times over on my ride to work. This is the second letter from her that my eyes and heart have been blessed to digest. She writes like a graceful storyteller. You know the kind? The kind you want to sit on the floor staring at while she reads you your favorite stories from a giant storybook, with the fire going, and maybe some hot chocolate and some yummies in your hand? That kind.

These are the kinds of elegant, beautiful, and generous characters that fill the pages of my own storybook, the pages of this amazing life that I get to wake up to each day. Life places gems, sacred soulmates, in my grasp. And they come into view again and again with new expressions of love, with new expressions of creativity, with the beauty of their being exquisitely shining through their words, their gifts, their songs, and every thing else they bring with them. Life has given me something and someone to celebrate with every waking breath that I take in this world, and so I choose to make each of my moments, moments of celebration. I choose celebrating you right now. I choose celebrating life right now.

My world is abundant with expressions of an eloquent love. I'm grateful that not only you're in my life, but that you are in this world altogether.

Who and what can you celebrate in this moment? Who and what are you grateful for?

inside Love,


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