Monday, January 18


You know what I find interesting? We seem to place a lot of emphasis on what you're DOING in this world or for this world. There's a lot of focus on DOING. And while I acknowledge the power of accountability and responsibility, I feel we must give equal weight to the blessing you already are just because you exist. You EXIST. That is the gift. Your existence, that you're here right now, is your first gift to this reality, to this Universe. You, the unique pattern of light that you are, the unique melody that you are in this world, YOU ARE THE GIFT. YOU ARE HERE. Everything that you do as a result of your existence is secondary. When someone says "what's your contribution to this world" the first thing I say is "I exist. I'm HERE."

I am BEING before I am DOING.

You are loved by an unfathomable love, not for your words or deeds or efforts, but for the simple fact that you exist, for the simple reason that YOU'RE HERE. You are a living, breathing, miracle. That is the gift. That is the blessing. Love brought you into being for LOVE. Feel the power of that first, and what you do in this world from this place of feeling how loved you are just because you ARE, will be infused with something magical.

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