Friday, December 4

Being Queen of the Scarves

One of my beautiful loves wrote to say:

"I like the picture of you and the horsey.  AND I LOVE THE MONKEY PICTURE!!! How are you? You need to talk more about your social activities. your adventure. your personal life....i need to know more how you're adjusting and loving!!!"

First of all, I love him! I was just talking about him the other day and POOF there he is in my inbox!

I have been in Oceanside Vancouver Island for a total of 66 days now. At first my activities included nothing but being awe struck at the beauty of the natural world around me. I just walked around trying not to let my tongue hang out too much. It's stunningly beautiful out here.

One of the first things I did when I got here was seek out like-minded beings. Beings who work daily with their own mind so that they can achieve the experiences they want. Immediately, I found them, gathered them up and invited them into my little home in the woods. We've been meeting every few weeks cheering each other on and helping each other steer in the direction of our dreams ever since. We'll soon be growing to a total of 8 in the group!

  Aside from that I'm getting to go work on a really cool project right now. First, check out the pictures here - this is my view from outside my work place. I can see the mainland and the rocky mountains across the ocean. I keep exclaiming "this isn't real" to who ever is next to me because it always looks like a painting at some art gallery rather than a reality in front of me. It's stunning every time. Ocean. Mountains. Weather where I'm still only walking out with my spring coat on...
Back to the work thing's awesome having a steady stream of money coming in. I love LOVE coaching and having clients and doing what I love to do. But until my stream of clients and such becomes steady, getting another source of income was a good idea. I love having money! Like a lot! The job itself came together like magic. It all happened fast. I got the interview, got hired the next day, and started work three days later. Then conveniently the Universe put someone who lives close to me in that same job, so now I have a ride to and from work (which is about a 40min drive away) every day. Awesome yes? Yes, very awesome! I'm working with individuals with various backgrounds, everything from a really cool deputy Sheriff to a raw food queen to a Halalt Native who lives on the reserves and comes in and some really cool other fascinating experiences sit in the office with me. As of late, we may be making an 8 minute documentary on a farming and local food consumption related topic to submit to some sort of festival.  Cool right? Getting to interact with farmers is a new experience all on its own too. We had an open house the other day and each person there was an inspiration station all on his or her own. All and all, it's really awesome! Next up, I want to keep finding ways to keep doing what I love to do. I'm getting articles published right now in various mags, I'm doing the radio show, I'm coaching, I'm tweeting, and facebooking, and it's all perfect and I want to keep doing more of it!

The weekly radio show is keeping me on my toes. We seem to be getting more and more interesting guests and topics unfolding every week, which just adds more fuel to the fire within me. It's amazing just how much readiness there is for people to speak about and listen to the kind of topics we're putting out there. It's SO exciting to keep meeting people on this level and create this energy together...this thing that feels so good everywhere all over!

I'm not sure what else I can add to my report. The food variety here is SUPER. I have found poutine complete with cheese curds, something my Ottawa friends thought was unlikely, I have found fried tofu at the grocery store, and there's even a thai food place and Pho place around the corner from my work. 

What else? What else? OH! Scarves. I have a thing for scarves. I should probably stop talking about it but I can't. The prettiest scarves keep finding me. I went out on my lunch break with one of my co-workers the other day and found the perfect place selling MORE scarves, the exact kind I had passively been wishing I had!!! Soon I will build a fortress of scarves and call it my tower of love.

I'm also in the process of clarifying for myself where I want to live, besides California I mean. Sometimes I think living in the woods is heaven sent. Other times I feel like I may be ready to find my own space closer to the city where I have access to public transit and the like. This is something I'm still clarifying and asking for guidance on as I can't quite see what would be best yet. But as always, I trust the process of discovery and know the Universe is working overtime to take me into the best possible situations! It always has! Like magic miracles after miracles take my hand and lead me into the next best thing.

Family's really good, I'm making an effort to call my mom regularly - it's taking some training on my part as I'm usually pretty horrible with using the phone. My cousin's moving out to Ottawa from Ethiopia in January, so here's to a visit down that way in the near future. Dog is as beautiful as ever. And really, I'm getting to meet and be around some really amazing people on all levels in an amazingly beautiful place.

How's that for an update??!!?


love love love,

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