Thursday, December 17

the Power of 10

I've been tweeting about abundance this week and thought I'd blog about one of the fun games I came across (from Catherine Ponder) for working to change your perspective so that you are an attractive force fully open to all that you desire to experience, to all that this magnificent Universe has already lined up for you. Ready yourself to receive the gifts of life by re-wiring your own thinking, expectations, and ideas of just how abundantly things can flow in to your experience.

You can call it the Power of 10, 100, 1000 OR WHATEVER other number you so choose. The object of this little exercise/game is to train yourself into expecting an increase in the good you want to experience. Generally, conditioning has human minds expecting lack, scarcity, and every other insecure expectation you can think of. Well, this little game re-wires that learned tendency if you do it consistently, if you practice it until it becomes your natural go-to thought pattern.

Let's say you want to experience an increased flow of $$ in your experience. You begin to play this game any time money moves in your experience. Whether money is coming in (payday, gift, sale, gig etc.) or going out (gift, bills, purchases etc.) of your experience you engage yourself in a thought-stream that says:

"This [dollar amount i.e. $100] is only a symbol of the infinite wealth available to me. I am so thankful that 10 times this amount or [dollar amount x 10 i.e. $1,000] is right now coming to me quickly and in the most perfect way. I am abundantly blessed."

The trick is to practice this train of thought so that you're not flowing and reinforcing the old thought-habits of insecurity that say "oh but I don't have enough" or "oh but this might not last me until...". You are literally forming new networks of positive and abundant expectation in your brain that simultaneously change the energy you radiate out into your Universe - it will change the very make-up of your being. To experience abundance, you must Be Abundant - meaning you must vibrate your whole being in the resonance/frequency of abundance. Think about it for a second...what do you think someone who already has plenty of what you want to experience is thinking right now? What are their thought-streams or expectations on the subject like? That's the energy realm you want to resonate in.

You can do this exercise on anything you enjoy experiencing in your life. It will train your mind that whatever it is that you enjoy, whatever it is that you're wanting to experience, there's always more of it coming. Always. Abundantly. Endlessly. The Universe is quiet capable of flooring you with just how loved and adored you are in this experience, just how provided for and taken care of you are in this wilderness of magic and make-belief moments. You just have to turn on your thought-valves to receive what's in store.

There are 10 times more gifts coming to you for every gift you've already received or are giving. There are 10 times more gigs coming your way for every gig you have right now. For every sale you make, there are ten times more sales coming. There are 10 times the amount of clients you have right now coming. For every door of opportunity you see open right now, there are 10 times more doors opening quickly and immediately in the most perfect way. For every thing that makes you laugh now, there is so much more coming to make you laugh even more.

Can you feel the power of 10? Have fun with it. You'll end up with stuff like enough scarves to drape every room in a castle.

Abundance of any kind is not imposed upon us from something outside - it is our own state of being made manifest.

Be Abundant to the power of your choosing and experience the effect of your own chosen and practiced state of being. You can!

in Abundance,

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draagonfly said...

Expecting that the Universe will provide definitely works! Recently I went a little overboard on shopping - I added up $500 worth of stuff in my cart, not something I normally do. I thought about putting most of it back, but then decided instead that I trusted the Universe would allow me to have all that plus more, and I went ahead and paid for all of it. Sure enough, that same week I got some sidework that covered most of that bill. That's not the first time that's happened by far either. :) Great offering Kidest! This stuff works!

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