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Being Unrealistic

I caught myself about to say "you need to be a little more realistic" and held back the laughter at my own insane thought. There's this amazing clip of Will Smith on youtube where he talks about being unrealistic. Electricity was a completely unrealistic thought. It's completely unrealistic to walk in to a room, flip a little plastic knob and get electricity. It is such a ridiculously outrageous notion. But someone thought it was possible, and so we have electricity in every corner of our lives. Climbing into a giant metal tube and being transported thousands and thousands of kilometers through the air is completely unrealistic. It's outright crazy. But someone didn't think so, and so now we have this unbelievable ability to go from Melbourne to Seattle (so excited) through giant tubes speeding across and through the air space!

Sitting in front of a flat box looking thing and having a face-to-face conversation with someone who is geographically thousands of miles away and 12 hours in the future...yes, that's realistic. My own existence seems unrealistic to me. I mean here I am, a product of something unknown mingling with trillions of unique cells with uniquely different functions. I'm told that this body started out with a single cell that morphed itself into trillions of cells. That's realistic? Here I am thinking and breathing. Here I am moving these funny looking things I call fingers and forming out these sentences. Realistic?

Life to me is completely unrealistic in all that it brings in to creation, and yet here I am. Here you are.

Forget about being realistic in what you think is possible in your experience. Be completely unrealistic! Be dreamy. Be outrageous. Dwell in the realm of possibilities - the realm that our limited everyday conscious mind swears is an impossible realm. Know that whatever it is that you want to happen, CAN happen. It's possible! No matter how outrageous, crazy, or ridiculous your mind says it is, it CAN happen.

Being realistic is sticking to the known and refusing to expand beyond your comfort zone. Get crazy! Follow those absurd ideas. Believe that those absurd ideas of what can happen in your life ARE possible. Expand out of what you know can happen in this next instant. Because what you know is only the past. What you know is only what has happened before, what's been done before. What you know is monotonous repetition. What can your life become? Sticking to the known, being real-is-tic, is coming in to this experience and playing the same song everyone else is playing. It's like there's one record with one song on it that everyone is playing over and over, lifetime after lifetime. There's no growth in that. There's no creativity in that. There's no self-expression in that. If I'm comfortable and settled into where I am, it's only because I've stopped dreaming and believing in the possibility of my dream - whatever that dream is.

Growth comes to us because we not only DARE to DREAM but we dare to BELIEVE that our dream is possible and take steps toward it - no matter how unrealistic and crazy it may seem to our conscious mind and to the minds of those around us.

My life is half-part crazy, and half-part following my crazy and acting on behalf of it. Over the past several years, I've gotten a lot of "Kid, this is crazy!" My old email address used to even be krazykid07. I'm sensing a theme. And if I were to type out for myself all that I believe is ahead of me as my future right now, it would seem crazy, outrageous, and ridiculous. That's what lets me know I'm on the right track.

To fear our crazy dreams is to fear our own powerful creativity. And the only thing that fears anything is our own limited conscious mind. Who we are is fearless in nature.

Here I go again...




Jennifer said…
Awesome Kid, truly inspiring. Going through some stuff lately that requires being really unrealistic and dreaming big. Nice to be encouraged in that department.

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