Saturday, December 12

12/12 and the Magic of Moving On

Over a month ago, I had a dream-vision of coming out of a cushioned house, following a big bear-dog like man on a bicycle (yes, clearly that's logical), climbing up the steps of experience and jumping in to try something new, to do something I've never done before. Upon coming into waking consciousness, I heard the me that I was in that dream say "that was the best three months of my experience." It was a distinct thought I brought into waking consciousness with me, and I felt the real and full enjoyment I felt for having taken on something completely different.

And now, as I sit here staring at the picture in front of me, of a man, a dog and a bear, having just decided to move on from the weekly radio show I've been doing for three months, I smile at yet another envisioned preview and the feeling that it brought along with it to reveal to me of this exact moment a month in advance. What comes through it all is a feeling of appreciating the steps that effortlessly assemble themselves before me and dissolve to make place for something new. I don't like to do anything that doesn't give me a full serving of joy, because when I'm in joy, when I'm coming from a place of joy then that's the space I'm taking and inviting those listening and reading into. For me, it's about energy, it's always about energy.

One of the guests we had said something to the effect that in life, in your moments, you are either under the trampoline banging your head every time you try to leap, or you are on top of the trampoline leaping without bounds on how high you can go. I agree, if something feels like it's too tight of a box, whatever it is, then your being is saying, is telling you that you are ready to spread your wings.

I shift into change when it begins to turtle into my experience. I take steps without hesitation. Openly. Rejoicing. I trust those inner impulses, the petals of my own being pushing themselves out to unfold. I've come to trust the process so much, and I've come to recognize that all these temporary appearances in this magical field we call Life are designed to show us exactly what we're capable of. What are you capable of? Have you ever asked yourself? When I feel that internal shift, I know the steps in front of me are about to re-arrange themselves. And they effortlessly do.

Living is such a beautiful dance of trust and movement.

in so much Love,


AMari said...
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AMari said...

spelling error! BEAUTIFUL and beautifully put (O:

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