Sunday, November 1

Staying In Love

Epiphany pulled up a chair and asked:

"If what you are is unconditional Love, then doesn't it make sense that everything else in your view is unconditional Love also? Is not that the face of unconditional love?"

"In choosing love now, do you not have everything to gain?"

"In choosing love now, are you not that much closer to the ultimate form of love?"

We have this practiced tendency that says to choose love right now, to see something or someone through the eyes of love, through the eyes of oneness in this moment, means you're going to lose later. False beliefs say "in choosing love now, I'm going to get hurt later" or "if I choose love now, I'm sacrificing my future safety" or "if I choose to love right now, I lose". It's such an inverted belief, a very illogical premise that so many of us walk around with. It's misguided perception born out of our primal tendency to self-preserve. "I have to protect myself at all costs!" "There's no one else watching out for me, I have to defend myself!" From choosing love right now? From being love right now? Now is all there is. There is no future moment. There is no future event. There is no tomorrow, or later, or anything else for that matter. All there is, is right now, this instant, and what we choose in this Now.

Love does not threaten. Love embraces. Love does not need to be resisted, because in choosing to love, in choosing loving, you gain everything! You gain your Self. You win your connection to all of existence. You win the very reason, the very substance that is responsible for your own existence. In the instant you choose love, you open up every single one of your energy meridians to allow love, the force that lives in and as all things. Love is the choice to be abundant, to be who you really are, a lover to the very core.

The choice to love, the choice to flow love, the choice to recognize oneness, is the only choice there is in this one and only instant in which I draw my breath, in which I live, in which I am.

Unconditional love looks out from these eyes and at once recognizes, I am everyone!

Stretching my capacity to Be Love,

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