Saturday, November 28

A Silent Invitation

I sit at a semi-round table and between 9:30am and 3pm on some occasional weekday, I listen to someone's far out version of a real life conspiracy theory. Wow. People still live from that state of being? How long have I been in the woods?

Strange the dreams Giants dream.

But even the strange dreams are fine. Everything is fine. Everyone is fine. There is no state of being to resist. There is no condition to push against or fight with. There is no one to make wrong and no one to be right.

And so I sit still within myself, holding that Silent invitation, that spacious reminder nature and animals everywhere so graciously extend. Something always shifts in the room in these instants of complete openness, of complete spaciousness, in these moments that I am completely my natural all-embracing Self. This is the space of Unconditional Love. These are the moments when I am completely unconditional in how I'm Being Love. He is perfect just as he is. She is perfection just as she is. I am open. I am allowing all things just as the air, and the space, the ocean, and the trees, and the animals all do. I Am Presence.

I don't know what that does or which one will be sleeping better this night this time, but I know how it feels.

Unconditional Love is the most powerful stance you can ever hold in any environment, be it your seemingly internal or external world.

I recently said to a love: when you say "something is wrong with the world" you are always saying "something is wrong with me." For you and the world are one. When you say "the world has to change" you are really saying "I have to change", for you and the world cannot be separated. You are one space, one happening, one unitary movement.

I am the world I see. You are the world you see. What do you see?

I see love.

inside Love,

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