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Keep Your Lights ON

I'm working on a program here on Vancouver Island right now that's acting to promote more Island(s) Food consumption on all levels - encouraging everything from the local food businesses to the Universities and larger institutions on the island that rely on exported foods to buy more locally grown produce and foods. Keeping it local and home-grown.

Why keep it local? Why stick to home-grown foods? There are so many reasons. Consuming local produce and food means you will help to create less need for enormous fuel consuming vehicles having to transport exported foods for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. There goes your carbon footprint! Consuming local produce and food means you support your local farmers and businesses, you stregthen your own local community and environment. You support your local BODY. Your community is an extension of your own body and being. You are there and integrated and united. Those who support their community thrive with their community. We are linked and interconnected to our locality in so many deep and profound ways. The psychological, environmental, social, spiritual, and physical benefits of going local are endless. Truly!

Spiritual? Naturally. This may not show up on any news report in the papers, but the energetic benefits that come for your own spirit and energy when you eat from the very land your feet touch, rather than a land that's thousands of kilometers away, is powerful. There's no point in energetically grounding and linking yourself to Mexico by eating food exported from Mexico, if you're in New York. It doesn't serve you energetically. You are inextricably linked with the land underneath your feet. If you could expand your senses to see the cycle you are energetically creating with your immediate environment, you would see the constant and powerful exchange of energy that is right now happening with your immediate environment. You are there in that energetic-environment you experience as your home for a reason. And one of the ways you can connect and ground to your environment is by eating the food, consuming the very energy, grown and nourished by that same land. Creating unity with your environment is multi-layered and food is one of the tools you can use to create that unification with your immediate local space.

So working with a group of environmentally and community conscious individuals means I'm going to learn some new things. Like for instance, did you know that the flourescent energy saving light-bulbs should be left ON if you're only going to be out of the room for a few hours? I didn't know this! Just that second of flicking on those lightbulbs consumes the equivalent energy of leaving the light on for five hours. FIVE HOURS. So the tip of the moment is, if you have those lightbulbs and you're leaving the room for only  a few hours, leave the lights on.

I've blogged about the amazing-ness that is Cafe Gratitude several times. They are exactly the kind of business we're trying to promote here on the Island. They support and uplift their community in many ways, one of which is by keeping the food consumed local and home-grown! I find when something is created from a place of inspiration and comm-Unity, it literally has a tendency to take root and grow within those that come in contact with it. It lives inside everyone that it serves. So this week on Joy Vibe Radio we're talking about the power of gratitude and appreciation (just in time for American Thanksgiving) and having one of the general managers on with us to tell us about what Cafe Gratitude is all about. Tune in!

We are forever the comm-Unity we create!

in the Light of Love,


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