Sunday, November 8

Being One

"Beyond my body, my veins are invisible" - Antonio Porchia

It's funny. Manifesting a vision of oneness takes you through everything you've ever kept yourself apart from and have seen as "not me" and integrates it into yourSelf. Life takes you through past scenes as the recognition of Unconditional Love dawns on you - oh, SHE was Unconditional Love, she was ME! And as you step into this, you get an email from the she you haven't heard from in YEARS.

To Be Wholeness is to look out through your physical eyes and realize that you are actually looking out through your Heart. To my eyes Being Wholeness and Being Love are one and the same. Looking out and seeing that you are everything, and everything is you, leaves no room to look at anything or anyone with resistance and fragmentation. The instant you look at someone or something, no matter what he or she is doing, and say "I am not that" your developing sensitivity to your Unity with Life will flare up as if in that instant of denying your oneness with him or her or that, you have literally split your heart, your being, into two. Painful. The only pain there is, is the denial of your Unity with everything there is, with everyone in your view. So the gentleness that is this Loving Life takes you through your once upon a time scenes so you can look through your real eye, your heart.

You realize: I am her, she is me. I am him, he is me. I am all of them, they're all me. We're all Love. I am One with many bodies. I am Love with many forms. Nothing else.

It's easy to know what life's doing with you, 'cause it's doing the exact same thing to me too.

Every face you see, is your own.

I am One.

All Ways,

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IAMari said...

less than 45 mins ago i had the (pretty much) exact conversation with my mate on the way home from the store... this morning as i really REALLY realized that there will never be any way that anyones "path" will work for anyone other than the One and their particular path... hence no dogma would ever contain ME or YOU, no ritual or routine devleoped by anyone other than Self for me and by me will EVER satis fy ME... i also knew in that moment that that is WHY we are all so beautifully diverse and how wonderful the lesson of this diversity truly is... every beingness is its own meditation of God and where we cross paths in the matrix are the fun (or LOL not so fun!) "spots" thats all they are points of connection in the vast sea of unlimited potentiality. The Tapestry is Woven particle by particle... how sweet it IS!!! xoiamari

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