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this pictures keeps finding me :) love

A Silent Invitation

I sit at a semi-round table and between 9:30am and 3pm on some occasional weekday, I listen to someone's far out version of a real life conspiracy theory. Wow. People still live from that state of being? How long have I been in the woods? Strange the dreams Giants dream. But even the strange dreams are fine. Everything is fine. Everyone is fine. There is no state of being to resist. There is no condition to push against or fight with. There is no one to make wrong and no one to be right. And so I sit still within myself, holding that Silent invitation, that spacious reminder nature and animals everywhere so graciously extend. Something always shifts in the room in these instants of complete openness, of complete spaciousness, in these moments that I am completely my natural all-embracing Self. This is the space of Unconditional Love. These are the moments when I am completely unconditional in how I'm Being Love. He is perfect just as he is. She is perfection just as she

I am Love. You are Love. We are Love.

Every teaching I've ever come across says: "joy is the true nature of your being" or "you are oneness dancing as a human being" or "you are a lover to your core" - that existence, the very thing that birthed you is just pure joy, total unity, all LOVE! If who you really are is love, then doesn't it make sense that you came here to FEEL the love that you are, to discover and feel yourSelf, in every one of your moments? You can mine this moment for all the love that it holds. You can choose to go into your mind and call up all those moments that evoke pure love within you. You can use your power to imagine and live out something that can make you feel immense love in your Now. You can bring yourself to feel love no matter what seems to be going on in your view. The more love you let yourself feel in this moment, the more you are in union with your own Soul and all the wonder you came here to explore. The more you love now, the more you allow i

Keep Your Lights ON

I'm working on a program here on Vancouver Island right now that's acting to promote more Island(s) Food consumption on all levels - encouraging everything from the local food businesses to the Universities and larger institutions on the island that rely on exported foods to buy more locally grown produce and foods. Keeping it local and home-grown. Why keep it local? Why stick to home-grown foods? There are so many reasons. Consuming local produce and food means you will help to create less need for enormous fuel consuming vehicles having to transport exported foods for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. There goes your carbon footprint! Consuming local produce and food means you support your local farmers and businesses, you stregthen your own local community and environment. You support your local BODY. Your community is an extension of your own body and being. You are there and integrated and united. Those who support their community thrive with their community. We ar

Just Be

Your Light does not go out because you cry or have a melt down or throw all your sticks up in the air from exhaustion. You do not cease being the Awake-ness you are because you find yourself mangled up in thought-forms. When I get the same question posed from three different sources all before the week has even begun, I blog the answer. Does it happen to me? Do I get out of alignment? Do I have freak-outs? There's this really great story of a Sage who one day sits outside of his home laughing. And one of his followers confused comes and asks, "Why are you laughing?" And the Sage answers, "I just am." Another day the same follower finds the Sage sitting outside crying. Confused again he comes and asks "why are you crying?" And the Sage answers "I don't know, I just am." To laugh, to cry, to be in love with life, to be sick of life, not one is less Divine than the other. Not one truly captures the Light that you are. Darkness and Lig


I've been posting youtube video's from igetrealTV everywhere from inspiration station , to twitter , to my facebook page. They also get a whole blog and every other medium I can find. This is why: I am Grateful I am Free I Feel Great and so much more! Pass it on! love love love Kid

My Playful Universe

I'm cleaning my housemate's free new-used computer when I see this: Yeah. This reality/Universe/Love makes me blush and feel oooey gooooey all the time. Life adores you and is unveiling its mystery and magic to you in every instant. Notice what you notice. Love, Kidspiration

Being One

"Beyond my body, my veins are invisible" - Antonio Porchia It's funny. Manifesting a vision of oneness takes you through everything you've ever kept yourself apart from and have seen as "not me" and integrates it into yourSelf. Life takes you through past scenes as the recognition of Unconditional Love dawns on you - oh, SHE was Unconditional Love, she was ME! And as you step into this, you get an email from the she you haven't heard from in YEARS. To Be Wholeness is to look out through your physical eyes and realize that you are actually looking out through your Heart. To my eyes Being Wholeness and Being Love are one and the same. Looking out and seeing that you are everything, and everything is you, leaves no room to look at anything or anyone with resistance and fragmentation. The instant you look at someone or something, no matter what he or she is doing, and say "I am not that" your developing sensitivity to your Unity with Life will

You Can Do It!!!

You really CAN DO ANYTHING! HAVE ANYTHING! BE ANYTHING! How do I know? Because I'm living that truth like so many other beings before me and after me who own this feeling! What is it that I do? I inspire you, remind you, nudge you into the possibilities within yourself. What's my job description? Re-defining open minds. How did I get here? Unconditional Love. I only knew that this thing felt amazing to me when it started years ago. I didn't know what it could become. I didn't know it would become my "full time job". I just knew this thing felt so good! This thing about talking to someone and seeing their face change, reading and feeling their words change from a simple exchange. This thing about inspiring people into their center and watching what takes over when they do. This thing about sitting in a room speaking and seeing Grace take over the conversation, speaking through me until every person in the room is lit up like a light bulb. This thing about

Flowering With Love

A package note came addressed to a kidest FLOWERS. I spent a few days exclaiming, "YAY, I AM FLOWERING!!!" "Happiness doesn't just happen, it emerges" Happiness is happening in my world as amazingly beautiful and loving soulmates. I love me a Nicole! ♥ Thank YOU! yours, Ms. Flowers

A Blank Page

The Lovely Nancy brought my attention to this beautiful poem and the Lovely Kristina posted this picture elsewhere, together they illustrate what I'm feeling right Now: A Blank Page My life has become a playground where I build castles out of sparks and stardust from the mind of God. I write my dreams across the sky, and I awaken to discover they have taken form all around me, wherever I walk whatever I touch, the finger of God creates images of love across the blank page of my heart, and with every beat the power of life flows through me like a rushing river. Come with me and taste the joy from this fountain of liquid light as we walk along the shore of infinite possibilities. - Naomi

Staying In Love

Epiphany pulled up a chair and asked: "If what you are is unconditional Love, then doesn't it make sense that everything else in your view is unconditional Love also? Is not that the face of unconditional love?" "In choosing love now, do you not have everything to gain?" "In choosing love now, are you not that much closer to the ultimate form of love?" We have this practiced tendency that says to choose love right now, to see something or someone through the eyes of love, through the eyes of oneness in this moment, means you're going to lose later. False beliefs say "in choosing love now, I'm going to get hurt later" or "if I choose love now, I'm sacrificing my future safety" or "if I choose to love right now, I lose". It's such an inverted belief, a very illogical premise that so many of us walk around with. It's misguided perception born out of our primal tendency to self-preserve. "I have t