Tuesday, October 13

Thanks Giving

Is it any wonder that the Universe conspired to have the friend I've known for 19years on the island this thanksgiving Canadian long weekend?

I got picked up in a pretty white car, taken to Nanaimo which is about a 40minute drive away, got stuffed full of veggie goodness, made some cards from scratch, had a glass of wine (my first in so very long), and got dropped off home with a belly full and a heart reminded that the Universe is constantly conspiring for me.

It's easy to notice what you notice, to allow yourself to see all the ways in which life assures you that you are a well-looked after creation, that insecurity and fear are no more than you forgetting how connected and how supported you really are, how connected everything truly is.

Notice the magic.

I call this place my little ashram. Surrounded by trees, minutes from the ocean, and with mountains all around, I'm in my own little India. To the mind that wonders where I am, where I was that night or this night, I am in my element letting the electricity of my being, of all that is, draw all that is mine and for me right to my doorstep. It's just so easy to be here. I wish I could tell you what my sensitivity to energy does to me in some contexts. But here, I breathe in ways that words can't encapsulate.

Love works wonders on your behalf. Life works miracles to an open heart.

Live your Love.


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