Tuesday, October 6

Shopping At The U-mart

This is the second time in my life that I've moved out to a different city on my own. The first one wasn't so far away from my homely beginnings, and my blessings of a brother drove me the five hours to my new home with the disassembled furniture clunking in the trunk of our rented truck. By the time I went out to see someone and came to my new home, my blessings of a roommate and her boyfriend had already assembled my furniture. Within hours I was all settled and feeling at home instantly. It was easy. The two bedroom, two bathroom condo not only gave me my own bathroom but came fully loaded with everything I needed. No additional purchases necessary.

This round, I sold all the furniture I could sell, and came out with the intention of gradually putting my home together as money and all things magic allowed. The day I arrived I learned that I had a bed to sleep on at least for a few days. I had anticipated sleeping on the floor with my dog until I could find the right double or queen-sized bed for the right dollars (yes, my mind doesn't seem to stop planning and asserting it knows the path to all my good), but the Universe had other plans. I had a comfortable queen-sized bed. No fuss. No assembly. It was all ready and generously waiting my arrival. Those few days turned into six days. What an immense blessing! And now as the bed is off to its new home, I'm making my shopping list to give to the Universe, and trying to tell my mind to ease up on playing the expert. My life hasn't stopped unfolding like magic so no sense in pretending otherwise.

Funnily (I'm becoming quite fond of this word) I was inspired to check if I could get a blender with my aeroplan points, and sure enough, I can. Blender? Check! It's on its way already!

So now I'm letting my mind form the intent to find these things I now need in the most perfect way. I'm intending that whatever money I need for these items will show up, whether through the awesome jobs I've applied for, the clients, or customers, or whatever avenue the Universe sees fit. And knowing that just formulating this intent and putting it out there is already setting all the right steps into motion, I relax and remember all the moments the Universe has WOWed me with its magical all-knowing ways.

Like for instance, I was just thinking about getting a calling card for tomorrows test show (radio-show coming to a streaming near you), when I got a call from my blessings of a mother with a toll-free number for my free use. Calling card? Check!

Like magic!

So my shopping list!
  • queen-sized bed, preferably with wooden frames and headboard - I'm a fan of wood (that's what she said).
  • bedsheets and blankets!
  • more pots and dishes!
  • new laptop to handle all my new recordings/videos/creative creations.
  • car!
My affirmation for this next little while will be: I am furnished!

I'm also a fan of this Catherine Ponder goodie: I am activated by Divine Intelligence, motivated by Divine Love, and powered by Divine Power into my right work which I perform now in a perfect way for perfect pay. The Divine Plan of my life now takes shape in definite concrete experiences leading to health, wealth, success, and happiness.

In the meantime, I'm staying focused on the abundance that is already made manifest all around me.

The abundance of gorgeous trees, this beautiful unrelenting sunshine, the warmth, the amazing property that is my front yard and backyard, the mountainous views all around me, the fact that I'm on a freakin island surrounded by my beloved Pacific, all this gorgeous body of water itself, the fact that my rent is paid, the fact that I have internet, the fact that I have my own powder room IN my room, the fact that my pantry is full and my belly is full, the fact that I have amazing loves all across this planet, the fact that I have everything I need in so many different ways, the fact that my dog is just one happy monkey, I AM grateful for the running car sitting in the driveway as well as the generous daughter that lends us the car when needed, the fact that life continues to make me feel so taken care of over and over again...and the amazing fact that I'm living everything I've dreamed of living one magical step at a time.


My happy love bug!

My fabulous outdoor garage! (Imagine my volvo right there!)

My front yard!

My view!

There is so much GOOD in my world!

I love the Universe-Mart!

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