Saturday, October 31

Oh So Pretty

The forest of trees in my backyard center me like nothing else.

Horsey boots are a must when you live on a farm!

The face Love puts on is so simply stunning!

And then there were four! Can't wait to see how many there'll be tomorrow!

Love likes to play kissy-games!

Grateful to be here amidst such elegance, such grace, such beauty!

From my backyard,


IAMari said...

we were fortunate enough when living in Ylen during 06 to live next to a parcel with 4 hourses on it and had many moments like these you picture.... one of the reasons I will be moving back all the horses and the trees and and and well... u know. Great pics for reminding me (o:

Martin said...

Do you wake-up to the smell of manure filling your lungs? XD Or do the horses have a washroom where all that manure is flushed?

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