Thursday, October 22

Local ART

I'm still energized from last nights radio broadcast. Days and nights mean nothing to energy apparently! And I love & appreciate every single friend I know tuned in and sent energetic cheers throughout the airwaves to be felt. Joy Vibe Radio ZINGS in a good feeling way.

So, there is this amazing and brilliant sculptress on the island here. One of her sculptures ("Conception") belongs to my housemate and is already sitting on my dining table. And I have just fallen in love with this one:

Embrace of the Dolphin.

Dolphin's are my symbol for many things good. I know I'm in the right place if there's some sort of dolphin trinket in the vicinity. Superstition? I wouldn't define it that way. I've just asked the Universe to leave me symbols to recognize that I am on my perfect path. Dolphins are one of those symbols. And I already know where in my home I'm going to love looking at this work of art from.

I'm feeling inspired to work with my hands. No idea what that will translate into creatively, whether it's mud pies, sculptures, or finger painting, but I'm feeling it! All I know is my creative interests are expanding - out of the digital realm and into the 3-D realm of textile sensations.

And that deserves celebration!

Luvah Love,

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