Saturday, October 17

Living In The Fast Lane

Alternate title for this blog: my life as a hologram playing in a hologame!
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Einstein

That Einstein sure was a smart cookie! Who's fallin' for the magi's trick in this very instant I wonder? Who's giving into the appearance of a holographic circumstance I ponder? Who out there in this pool of lights waving and waves lighting is falling for the hypnotic story of a mind seduced by its ever deceptive sense perceptions?

Oh how these senses are such lovely little liars.

I love words. Too much. Much too much.

On the outside life on the west-coast is set to an easy tempo. On the inside it's giving me time to puddle jump, quantum leap, and alter the field of everything unreal. Apparently I've always been able to make things I want suddenly appear. Go figure!

I mean to say, this is too much fun. Much too much fun.

Now to turn this $80 into $8,000!

So many realities, so much fun to be had, so many worlds to visit, and so much loving to feast upon. Oh magical Universe, magical You-niverse, what have you done to me?! My crazy just keeps getting even more crazy. Luckily, it's just between you and me!

Life is how you create it. It's as malleable as you choose for it to be. It's as believable as you allow it to be. It's as miraculous as you're open for it to be. And whatever you want was yours before you even knew how to ask for it. You are Love sometimes forgetting how easy you can have it, how fully and completely you can experience even all the things you never thought to ask for.

Life adores you.

Fiddling with the Fiddler (when he's sleeping),
a Kid

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draagonfly said...

My most favorite Einstein quote. :)

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