Friday, October 9

In Case We're Not Facebook Friends

There's something I want to tell you:

You are ALREADY doing something GREAT in this world by BEING YOURSELF ♥ Be You!!!

Stop trying to justify your existence by telling yourself you have to be other than you are. You are an embodiment of absolute perfection and becoming more magnificent than that silly conscious mind can allow you to realize. Don't let your mind ever make you think you are anything less than bright and beautiful.

Update time: You can now tune into my weekly radio show with my Dolphin Goddess of a sister Sierra, scheduled for Next Wednesday:

If there's something you'd like us to talk about on the airwaves, you can send in your ideas/comments/questions to or find us on twitter ( ) and facebook (just search for joy vibe radio).

Now back to your regularly scheduled sexy time!

More updates and really good things to be blogged soon! Apparently moving out west meant the magic was going to a new level of intensity. Go figure!

Mistress of the Sheets

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