Thursday, October 29

Do You Believe In Magic?

Mediocrity loses big in my world. It's just so un-entertaining to pay any attention to anything but the wonder of this design and our amazing power to bend the spoon any which way we want. It's so boring to hear or look at anything else, so unimaginative, so uncreative. Blech.

I tried the other day to read a blog I used to read, someone else's, and it was just so lifeless. My eyes wouldn't focus. Literally the words on my computer screen refused to be un-blurry. Well, that's peculiar. My left-brain said "maybe you should go get your eyes checked" and then logic followed and said "go check to see that thread" and sure enough my eyes are just fine else-where. My left-brain gave in and I thought, "well, I guess I'm no longer an energetic match here" and went off skipping to enjoy my ridiculous and silly life.

The only life worth living is the magical one. Truly. The ridiculous and silly one. Every day there is some magical unfolding in my world. Every single day. There's nothing ordinary about my moments here on the island. There's nothing ordinary about the stories I'm living out, of how herbal tea shows up on my kitchen counter, my internet gets upgraded for free right before my radio show without any action part from me, money jumps out at me out of thin air, or I look out to suddenly see four horses instead of two.

The other day, I got up from my computer, and walked straight into my room. I have no idea why mind you. Then I go into my night stand and pull out an old wallet, one that I haven't used in months. Open it. And pull out money. Then I catch on. "OH! Money!!! I have money!!!" It was so weird and random. Very "there is something else commanding this body" spooky. I had no idea why I came to my room or opened my night stand cupboard thingy. Like what freaky business is driving this body around without my left-brain's awareness? Clearly it's for my good and benefit, but it's still funny and freaky.

Or how that person says or asks exactly the right thing at the right moment. How the perfect beings show up at my door to have the perfect conversations. How my passing whim of a craving for cheesecake turns itself into double unexpected melting sweetness in my mouth. How a gentle sigh of feeling love turns itself into a delicious conversation with a distant man-friend. "Hey I was just thinking of you" is followed by "hey so was I just now" and then you both giggle because you know what you know. How I get so much feedback on the appearance of my forever mate, not even through my own eyes, but through dreams and visions from my equally crazy Light Sisters.

It's so ridiculous. It all just flows together, beautiful like handwoven tapestry, pre-orchestrated to really short-circuit my conscious mind. All my conscious mind can come up with is "what the freak!?" Magical and often times JUST crazy. "My crazy is especially crisp today" I'll announce 'cause it's just getting worse the way how things are so easily coming together. And it's not the ease that's the weird part. It's the unpredictable magic that laces it. Not that I'm complaining. Far from it. I'm celebrating. Ask and it really is given. Wish and it is already yours. Ponder it a little and watch it just pop into your hands. Shrug your shoulders and say "meh, if it comes, it comes" and it comes anyway. It's easier to just say "clearly we're all crazy" than to force our left brain to admit that there's something divine, playfully spooky, and unpredictable about who and what we really are.

Soon I'll just lay in bed speaking the words "Abracadabra" and wiggling my nose or nodding my head, and flying on a magic carpet. I'm seriously waiting for it to just get that freaky.

Dear Universe,

You are seriously tripping me out. This is getting wonderfully ridiculous.

I'm getting a lot of "how did you pull that one off?!?!?" And the answer is, I have no freaking clue. I'm not doing anything. I'm just waking up every morning having a giggle fit over how crazy this reality is. And some of my friends make it worse. 'Cause they're doing it too! So now I have to conclude we're ALL crazy.

Miracles are the norm. Magic is the theme. Mediocrity is the anomaly.

You are pure magic and miracles. There is nothing ordinary and mediocre about who and what you are, or what anything in this world is. And in the instant you allow yourself to catch up to that, the world explodes until there is nothing but magic left within it. Don't settle for anything less than the magic you deserve to experience. You are the magic that happens in this experience.

I so fully embrace my crazy.

Speaking of magic, miracles, and all good things, tune in today to Joy Vibe Radio for a show on Inspiration, Intuition, and Synchronicity: How Your Inner Guidance Lights Your Path.

The affirmation I'll give out during the show is one for intuition by Catherine Ponder: “Divine intuition is now showing me the way. Divine intuition is now working in and through me, in and through all concerned, producing easily and quickly the perfect outcome, the perfect result.”

Let love and magic thread the scenes before you. You are worthy of it.

in Love,


IAMari said...

Hey Kid, wonderFILLED post. And I do do DO totally believe in magic! Magically I followed your blog in 07 or so and had just like "found" you on the web... then i closed that acct and now I FIND you again and your the one doing the show with Sierra.

LOL funni funni life is so sweeet! xoAMari

Alexander said...

heheheh...I more than believe. I Know :)♥ You are the One that impulses the body. The body isn't moving through Space dear One, Space is moving through Time :) You are the Whole Space remember?? ♥

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