Saturday, October 31

Oh So Pretty

The forest of trees in my backyard center me like nothing else.

Horsey boots are a must when you live on a farm!

The face Love puts on is so simply stunning!

And then there were four! Can't wait to see how many there'll be tomorrow!

Love likes to play kissy-games!

Grateful to be here amidst such elegance, such grace, such beauty!

From my backyard,

Thursday, October 29

Do You Believe In Magic?

Mediocrity loses big in my world. It's just so un-entertaining to pay any attention to anything but the wonder of this design and our amazing power to bend the spoon any which way we want. It's so boring to hear or look at anything else, so unimaginative, so uncreative. Blech.

I tried the other day to read a blog I used to read, someone else's, and it was just so lifeless. My eyes wouldn't focus. Literally the words on my computer screen refused to be un-blurry. Well, that's peculiar. My left-brain said "maybe you should go get your eyes checked" and then logic followed and said "go check to see that thread" and sure enough my eyes are just fine else-where. My left-brain gave in and I thought, "well, I guess I'm no longer an energetic match here" and went off skipping to enjoy my ridiculous and silly life.

The only life worth living is the magical one. Truly. The ridiculous and silly one. Every day there is some magical unfolding in my world. Every single day. There's nothing ordinary about my moments here on the island. There's nothing ordinary about the stories I'm living out, of how herbal tea shows up on my kitchen counter, my internet gets upgraded for free right before my radio show without any action part from me, money jumps out at me out of thin air, or I look out to suddenly see four horses instead of two.

The other day, I got up from my computer, and walked straight into my room. I have no idea why mind you. Then I go into my night stand and pull out an old wallet, one that I haven't used in months. Open it. And pull out money. Then I catch on. "OH! Money!!! I have money!!!" It was so weird and random. Very "there is something else commanding this body" spooky. I had no idea why I came to my room or opened my night stand cupboard thingy. Like what freaky business is driving this body around without my left-brain's awareness? Clearly it's for my good and benefit, but it's still funny and freaky.

Or how that person says or asks exactly the right thing at the right moment. How the perfect beings show up at my door to have the perfect conversations. How my passing whim of a craving for cheesecake turns itself into double unexpected melting sweetness in my mouth. How a gentle sigh of feeling love turns itself into a delicious conversation with a distant man-friend. "Hey I was just thinking of you" is followed by "hey so was I just now" and then you both giggle because you know what you know. How I get so much feedback on the appearance of my forever mate, not even through my own eyes, but through dreams and visions from my equally crazy Light Sisters.

It's so ridiculous. It all just flows together, beautiful like handwoven tapestry, pre-orchestrated to really short-circuit my conscious mind. All my conscious mind can come up with is "what the freak!?" Magical and often times JUST crazy. "My crazy is especially crisp today" I'll announce 'cause it's just getting worse the way how things are so easily coming together. And it's not the ease that's the weird part. It's the unpredictable magic that laces it. Not that I'm complaining. Far from it. I'm celebrating. Ask and it really is given. Wish and it is already yours. Ponder it a little and watch it just pop into your hands. Shrug your shoulders and say "meh, if it comes, it comes" and it comes anyway. It's easier to just say "clearly we're all crazy" than to force our left brain to admit that there's something divine, playfully spooky, and unpredictable about who and what we really are.

Soon I'll just lay in bed speaking the words "Abracadabra" and wiggling my nose or nodding my head, and flying on a magic carpet. I'm seriously waiting for it to just get that freaky.

Dear Universe,

You are seriously tripping me out. This is getting wonderfully ridiculous.

I'm getting a lot of "how did you pull that one off?!?!?" And the answer is, I have no freaking clue. I'm not doing anything. I'm just waking up every morning having a giggle fit over how crazy this reality is. And some of my friends make it worse. 'Cause they're doing it too! So now I have to conclude we're ALL crazy.

Miracles are the norm. Magic is the theme. Mediocrity is the anomaly.

You are pure magic and miracles. There is nothing ordinary and mediocre about who and what you are, or what anything in this world is. And in the instant you allow yourself to catch up to that, the world explodes until there is nothing but magic left within it. Don't settle for anything less than the magic you deserve to experience. You are the magic that happens in this experience.

I so fully embrace my crazy.

Speaking of magic, miracles, and all good things, tune in today to Joy Vibe Radio for a show on Inspiration, Intuition, and Synchronicity: How Your Inner Guidance Lights Your Path.

The affirmation I'll give out during the show is one for intuition by Catherine Ponder: “Divine intuition is now showing me the way. Divine intuition is now working in and through me, in and through all concerned, producing easily and quickly the perfect outcome, the perfect result.”

Let love and magic thread the scenes before you. You are worthy of it.

in Love,

Wednesday, October 28

The Right Words

You come right in the "nick of time"
When I need to hear those words
You come through so many tongues
To speak to my heart
To soothe me into the relief
Of Knowing who I am.
You are the right words
You are the sweet sounds of
Such gentle remembrance
You are the right words

Thursday, October 22

Local ART

I'm still energized from last nights radio broadcast. Days and nights mean nothing to energy apparently! And I love & appreciate every single friend I know tuned in and sent energetic cheers throughout the airwaves to be felt. Joy Vibe Radio ZINGS in a good feeling way.

So, there is this amazing and brilliant sculptress on the island here. One of her sculptures ("Conception") belongs to my housemate and is already sitting on my dining table. And I have just fallen in love with this one:

Embrace of the Dolphin.

Dolphin's are my symbol for many things good. I know I'm in the right place if there's some sort of dolphin trinket in the vicinity. Superstition? I wouldn't define it that way. I've just asked the Universe to leave me symbols to recognize that I am on my perfect path. Dolphins are one of those symbols. And I already know where in my home I'm going to love looking at this work of art from.

I'm feeling inspired to work with my hands. No idea what that will translate into creatively, whether it's mud pies, sculptures, or finger painting, but I'm feeling it! All I know is my creative interests are expanding - out of the digital realm and into the 3-D realm of textile sensations.

And that deserves celebration!

Luvah Love,

Tuesday, October 20

The Bridge Across Forever

Love to me looks like John Strathdog today. He's the reason for the smile on my face and the book of love that has made me ignore the world for 8 hours. Some where, some day, he scribbled his name in this book and then parted with it so it could sit in my hands reminding me, that yes, life is undoubtedly a fairy tale, as it is meant to be.

He looks at her and says "hello mystery" and she looks at him and says "hello adventure" and the tale spins in another life-line, through new pairs of eyes. There's nothing theoretical about it, we are undoubtedly lucky in this dream we dream of love, of loving, and the adventure of living it.

" - how fortunate are you and i, whose home
is timelessness: we who have wandered down
from fragrant mountains of eternal now

to frolic in such mysteries as birth
and death a day (or maybe even less)"
---e.e. cummings

Isn't it amazing the ways we've come out to play? Isn't it worth every tear and heart-shred just to know this? To live this? To float up like two balloons into this?

Every weaving of my own story is illogically magical. I dream of and for this grand imagination that creates my life like this. The Great Imaginer blows my mind away, over, and over, and over again. What I can't conceive of, what I can't for any breath in me conjure up in my own conscious mind, comes to face me in intricate spellbinding ways. I've stopped saying "this is crazy!" Now I just smile and let yet another unimaginable detail take my breath away. Maybe I will put it all in a book. Every synchronicity and magically orchestrated detail. I will call it: My Enchanted Life on A Farm in Oceanside.

"Intuition whispers true: We're not dust, we're magic!" - Richard Bach
We are not a love that will be, we are a love that already is. Breathe it in. Digest it. Give in to the magic. It will teach you to fly. It will teach you in the way that everything that you are constantly romances me into Us.

I say to isn't that our love grows or deepens through each meeting in time. It takes time for us to ease into the intense intimacy of what we are. The sky was never just our possibility, it was our home and destination before we even came to know our name. When God thought the eternal thought that we are, the single indivisible event that we are in eternity, ecstacy can't come close to describe how we translate in this world of form. God hums us and we explode into an infinite cascading of pure ecstasy.

"As the start of the universe . . . Before the Big Bang, was us!

Before all the Bing Bangs in all of time, and after the echo of the last has faded is us. We, dancers in every form, reflecting everywhere, we're the reason for space, the builders of time.

We're the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters triumphs challenges impossible odds, testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and LOVE!" - Richard Bach
And in this light, you have found me and my love walking somewhere along these pages with you and yours, Mr. Bach. Intuition whispers it so. Thank you for today.

I love you more than I can know even now.


Saturday, October 17

Living In The Fast Lane

Alternate title for this blog: my life as a hologram playing in a hologame!
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Einstein

That Einstein sure was a smart cookie! Who's fallin' for the magi's trick in this very instant I wonder? Who's giving into the appearance of a holographic circumstance I ponder? Who out there in this pool of lights waving and waves lighting is falling for the hypnotic story of a mind seduced by its ever deceptive sense perceptions?

Oh how these senses are such lovely little liars.

I love words. Too much. Much too much.

On the outside life on the west-coast is set to an easy tempo. On the inside it's giving me time to puddle jump, quantum leap, and alter the field of everything unreal. Apparently I've always been able to make things I want suddenly appear. Go figure!

I mean to say, this is too much fun. Much too much fun.

Now to turn this $80 into $8,000!

So many realities, so much fun to be had, so many worlds to visit, and so much loving to feast upon. Oh magical Universe, magical You-niverse, what have you done to me?! My crazy just keeps getting even more crazy. Luckily, it's just between you and me!

Life is how you create it. It's as malleable as you choose for it to be. It's as believable as you allow it to be. It's as miraculous as you're open for it to be. And whatever you want was yours before you even knew how to ask for it. You are Love sometimes forgetting how easy you can have it, how fully and completely you can experience even all the things you never thought to ask for.

Life adores you.

Fiddling with the Fiddler (when he's sleeping),
a Kid

Wednesday, October 14

The Undefined Road

Human beings have this tendency to equate not knowing, to equate uncertainty with something negative. We tend to take security in knowing, in defining, so much so that when we're in a space of not knowing what's going to happen next we go in either of two directions: freak out mode, or total surrender.

Allow yourself to surrender to the unknown. Allow yourself to step into the outlook that says "I don't know what's next, but I'm excited to find out."

Living on the edge of all knowledge is living in the field of unpredictable miracles. Having NO idea of what will come next, what will appear as your next moment, giving up that frightened flight to define, is allowing yourself to be open enough to receive the miracles a Higher Intelligence has prepared and orchestrated for you.


The path is already made. You don't have to labor to pave the road yourself. The undefined road, the undefined tomorrow, is the ride you've always wanted to be on.


You ARE being looked-after in Love.

Love would love to LOVE YOU Now.

In Surrender,

Tuesday, October 13

Thanks Giving

Is it any wonder that the Universe conspired to have the friend I've known for 19years on the island this thanksgiving Canadian long weekend?

I got picked up in a pretty white car, taken to Nanaimo which is about a 40minute drive away, got stuffed full of veggie goodness, made some cards from scratch, had a glass of wine (my first in so very long), and got dropped off home with a belly full and a heart reminded that the Universe is constantly conspiring for me.

It's easy to notice what you notice, to allow yourself to see all the ways in which life assures you that you are a well-looked after creation, that insecurity and fear are no more than you forgetting how connected and how supported you really are, how connected everything truly is.

Notice the magic.

I call this place my little ashram. Surrounded by trees, minutes from the ocean, and with mountains all around, I'm in my own little India. To the mind that wonders where I am, where I was that night or this night, I am in my element letting the electricity of my being, of all that is, draw all that is mine and for me right to my doorstep. It's just so easy to be here. I wish I could tell you what my sensitivity to energy does to me in some contexts. But here, I breathe in ways that words can't encapsulate.

Love works wonders on your behalf. Life works miracles to an open heart.

Live your Love.


Sunday, October 11

Butterfly Loving

There are butterfly stencils all over my cupboards in the kitchen of my new home. They caught my eyes again this morning. Then later the golden pillow cushions that cover the chairs caught my attention. They have all sorts of colored butterflies on them. I thought, well I guess my noticing butterflies is the theme for today. I should know by now that these moments are always a preview to some magical magical encounter. So, I came to my computer to try out my magicjack, to start harassing all my love shines with my free calls of love! And what lit my heart up in a very delicious way, is getting to see a clip of so much of what I love all on one stage living it up in L.A last night. . . to the song Butterfly.

Life is LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ I wish I had the words for all this magic and this amazing movement that we are!

Friday, October 9

In Case We're Not Facebook Friends

There's something I want to tell you:

You are ALREADY doing something GREAT in this world by BEING YOURSELF ♥ Be You!!!

Stop trying to justify your existence by telling yourself you have to be other than you are. You are an embodiment of absolute perfection and becoming more magnificent than that silly conscious mind can allow you to realize. Don't let your mind ever make you think you are anything less than bright and beautiful.

Update time: You can now tune into my weekly radio show with my Dolphin Goddess of a sister Sierra, scheduled for Next Wednesday:

If there's something you'd like us to talk about on the airwaves, you can send in your ideas/comments/questions to or find us on twitter ( ) and facebook (just search for joy vibe radio).

Now back to your regularly scheduled sexy time!

More updates and really good things to be blogged soon! Apparently moving out west meant the magic was going to a new level of intensity. Go figure!

Mistress of the Sheets

Tuesday, October 6

Shopping At The U-mart

This is the second time in my life that I've moved out to a different city on my own. The first one wasn't so far away from my homely beginnings, and my blessings of a brother drove me the five hours to my new home with the disassembled furniture clunking in the trunk of our rented truck. By the time I went out to see someone and came to my new home, my blessings of a roommate and her boyfriend had already assembled my furniture. Within hours I was all settled and feeling at home instantly. It was easy. The two bedroom, two bathroom condo not only gave me my own bathroom but came fully loaded with everything I needed. No additional purchases necessary.

This round, I sold all the furniture I could sell, and came out with the intention of gradually putting my home together as money and all things magic allowed. The day I arrived I learned that I had a bed to sleep on at least for a few days. I had anticipated sleeping on the floor with my dog until I could find the right double or queen-sized bed for the right dollars (yes, my mind doesn't seem to stop planning and asserting it knows the path to all my good), but the Universe had other plans. I had a comfortable queen-sized bed. No fuss. No assembly. It was all ready and generously waiting my arrival. Those few days turned into six days. What an immense blessing! And now as the bed is off to its new home, I'm making my shopping list to give to the Universe, and trying to tell my mind to ease up on playing the expert. My life hasn't stopped unfolding like magic so no sense in pretending otherwise.

Funnily (I'm becoming quite fond of this word) I was inspired to check if I could get a blender with my aeroplan points, and sure enough, I can. Blender? Check! It's on its way already!

So now I'm letting my mind form the intent to find these things I now need in the most perfect way. I'm intending that whatever money I need for these items will show up, whether through the awesome jobs I've applied for, the clients, or customers, or whatever avenue the Universe sees fit. And knowing that just formulating this intent and putting it out there is already setting all the right steps into motion, I relax and remember all the moments the Universe has WOWed me with its magical all-knowing ways.

Like for instance, I was just thinking about getting a calling card for tomorrows test show (radio-show coming to a streaming near you), when I got a call from my blessings of a mother with a toll-free number for my free use. Calling card? Check!

Like magic!

So my shopping list!
  • queen-sized bed, preferably with wooden frames and headboard - I'm a fan of wood (that's what she said).
  • bedsheets and blankets!
  • more pots and dishes!
  • new laptop to handle all my new recordings/videos/creative creations.
  • car!
My affirmation for this next little while will be: I am furnished!

I'm also a fan of this Catherine Ponder goodie: I am activated by Divine Intelligence, motivated by Divine Love, and powered by Divine Power into my right work which I perform now in a perfect way for perfect pay. The Divine Plan of my life now takes shape in definite concrete experiences leading to health, wealth, success, and happiness.

In the meantime, I'm staying focused on the abundance that is already made manifest all around me.

The abundance of gorgeous trees, this beautiful unrelenting sunshine, the warmth, the amazing property that is my front yard and backyard, the mountainous views all around me, the fact that I'm on a freakin island surrounded by my beloved Pacific, all this gorgeous body of water itself, the fact that my rent is paid, the fact that I have internet, the fact that I have my own powder room IN my room, the fact that my pantry is full and my belly is full, the fact that I have amazing loves all across this planet, the fact that I have everything I need in so many different ways, the fact that my dog is just one happy monkey, I AM grateful for the running car sitting in the driveway as well as the generous daughter that lends us the car when needed, the fact that life continues to make me feel so taken care of over and over again...and the amazing fact that I'm living everything I've dreamed of living one magical step at a time.


My happy love bug!

My fabulous outdoor garage! (Imagine my volvo right there!)

My front yard!

My view!

There is so much GOOD in my world!

I love the Universe-Mart!

Your Affirmations Depot

Monday, October 5

In My View

You can call these my life commandments:

I create my own reality. I am the owner of all that I perceive. Just as you are. I do not create in your reality. I do not create in your mind, nor do you create in mine.

I love and accept myself so much that I hide no part of myself from anyone. I am whatever I am in this moment, you can take it or leave it, love it or hate it, it doesn't matter to me. I am me!

I am completely in charge of my own happiness, you're off the hook.

I am completely in charge of how I experience this moment, you're off the hook.

I am 100% responsible for how I see and experience you, you don't have to be other than you are. It's up to me to decide how I'm going to receive & interpret you and everything you appear to do.

I do me, and you do you, and we'll see how we carry on.

Tomorrow doesn't exist, so let's leave the imaginary promises and just be where and how we are Here & Now.

I need nothing from you, and you need nothing from me. We were and are created whole and complete within our own being. Let's stop pretending we're incomplete. It's up to me to fulfill myself. It's up to me to meet my own expectations. I'll meet you with a full cup.

My heart is created to hold love for all, I'm over the illusion of specialness. Everything in existence deserves all my love.

It's fun when you're here, it's fun when you're not here. How much I enjoy this moment is unconditional. It has nothing to do with who or what is here right now. Relax. Live. Love. And IN-JOY yourSelf.

Pain is never anything more than a story I'm telling. Don't buy into my delusions. Life is painless, free, and full of pure ecstasy.

We were never two. I am you and you are me. Only bodies come and go, what we are is the ever-same magic that has no name.

I am deciding in each moment what I bring to the table and contribute to our shared experience. I choose to bring Love.

In Love,

Sunday, October 4

An Inevitability

Oh, and on this day I will echo the words:

"We are an inevitability, this you and I."

Friday, October 2

Love from Oceanside

Of course I had a giggle when I learned I'm living in Oceanside, Vancouver Island :)

Some of my neighbors:

Welcome to my backyard:

Yes, I am wildly wealthy in love and in life.

The magic of life is that you get to choose what you will focus on in each and every moment. Are you focusing on what you have right now? Are you focusing on the blessings in your life in THIS moment?

Something that's becoming more pronouncedly apparent as I observe the two horses, the two alpacas, and the two dogs at play is, right now is all there is for so many species sharing this spinning space of magic dust. Tomorrow doesn't exist. Yesterday doesn't exist. Just Here. Just Now. That's all that's on your plate.

That's Love.

Mistress of Abundance

Baby Smiles as Meditation

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