Monday, September 28

The Writing's On The Ground

I am blessed in Love. These past scenes of goodbyes and road tripping have been overflowing with love in beautiful and miraculous ways.

Love flows in and as everything in view.

There are moments that I look up to confront a face only to see it aglow, lit up by a surreal type of golden light that bathes and encases the beautiful being before me. Human beings have ceased looking ordinary to me. We're not "only human".

Who told you that you were anything less than magnificent and beautiful? Who made you believe that you are "just human" or "only human"? What does that even mean?

We are each something our senses cannot yet comprehend, and our conditioned mind distorts, but our own Being reveals All when we open into That which we really are.

Love is not a word or an energy you look to receive from something outside of you. Love is and will always be an unconditional offering that first flows through you. You choose your state of being in this one and only instant through the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, and the words you express. How open you are is not a matter for what someone else is doing or how someone else is being. You are your own primary source of Love. As within, so without. When you choose to generate and be an opening to Love in this instant, oh the distance you'll go in the world of form.

A love shine said to me: "you raise the energy everywhere you go!"

It may feel that way. Only, I see it as being an opening to show you just how high you can be, how high you truly are. And you are higher than even that. Whatever good you see in me or you feel coming through me, know that you are equally that and so much more.

Oh...all the ways Divine Love lives you.

You are something extraordinary.

In Love,

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Corinne said...

I love your blog Kid, it always calms me down and make me feel good, so thank you fo that.

And btw, "In love" is the next tattoo I'm planning to get :)

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