Tuesday, September 8

Dare To Believe

We tend to assume that there is one world "out there" outside of us. That we are observing an outside world unfolding, becoming, shifting, transforming, external to where we are and what we are. But there really is only the world we agree upon, the consensus reality we create. There really is only the world we say exists. There are many people who still allow outside information to tell them what the world is, what the state of this world is, what's happening, where it will go and how it will unfold. Most people have given away their power to create the world they'd like to experience. Most people are allowing a selected group of individuals to determine not only what they're going to experience in their economic reality, but what they will experience in their own physical body. All the while they have given their integral power away to allow someone "out there" to decide the shape of their own destiny and path. You cannot feel like you live in a secure and caring Universe when you've given away the power to shape your own life, your own body, your own path.

Each time a being rises to break free of this psychic conformity, we call them enlightened. We specialize them. We say they are one of a kind. But not in this day and age. The world I see and live in is catching fire with Beings taking their power back. Beings who are rejecting information in the recognition that they can within themselves create exactly the kind of world they want to participate in. Not because they pushed against the information being fed through the mediums of psychic control, but because they turned inward and saw first hand that they are and have forever been Giants in physical form.

My destiny is not apart from the world I perceive, and the world I perceive is the world I create. My perception is my contribution, my point of view, one of over 6.9 billion human perspectives. Which world am I paying attention to? The world I'm creating with Beings awake to their power of focus. We don't sit around and talk about what's wrong with the world. Right and wrong are only conditions we create. We sit around and talk about this paradise in which we live. Where beauty, abundance, and spontaneous magic are flooding our paths faster than the speed of light. We are the super heroes of our own Universe waiting on no one and believing no one but our own Inner Giant.

My vision is my leader. Who's yours? Who is your commander?

In each moment of a human's evolution is a decision point to stand in a place of power breaking away from mass consciousness and consensus reality to create and walk the vision born in their hearts. The trail blazers of our Universe are those who say "no, actually that's not the way it is" to every fictious fact offered about the state of this malleable reality.

Plastic is not plastic, it is energy. If we dared to dream, it would evaporate right before our eyes. Space is not space but an idea we've fabricated. The sun is not the sun, nor is the Ocean what we think it is. Water is not water if we'd just look past the appearance of all matter. Laws can change in an instant, in a blink of an eye, in no-time at all. Abundance is the way of the Universe. Nothing ever runs out, it will never run out. If you dare to believe.

I dare.

You cannot bring a vision into a reality by walking the path that everyone else is walking, by allowing other's to tell you what's true and unfolding as this Universe. You are a decision maker in this moment sitting on the throne of your own perspective. You are not only the authority of your life but a contribution to where we go from here. Your choice in each moment is what you're going to let lead you. Your fears implanted by old paradigms? Or your vision of infinite possibility?

Life unfolds based on the feedback and energy each one of us contribute. Which world are you in? Which world are you authoring?

in Space,

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