Wednesday, September 16

What A Silly Hologram

The conditioned outlook is a funny funny unfolding to witness.

It says: "You have to change who you are for me to be happy. You have to be other than you are, for me to feel full and whole and satisfied in my experience."
It says: "my happiness is YOUR responsibility."
It says: "my happiness is in YOUR hands."

Every thought that puts YOUR happiness in the hands of some perceived "other", a him, a her, a they, a that, "outside" of you, is misplacing ALL your innate power of being. You are giving your own power away each time you look to an apparent "other" to stand on their head just so that you can be happy, just so you can feel at ease about who you are and what this moment is for you.

This conditioned outlook argues incessantly and continuously for why this "other" person has to change and all the ways they have to change. It will go to lengths to make its point. Compromise. Argue. Defend. Attack.

"You're ruining my day" it says.
"You're not treating me right" it says.

This conditioned outlook, or ego if you want to call it that, is a practice in conditional living, conditional love, conditional being, conditional happiness...conditional EVERYTHING.

It's not a bad thing. It's just a pattern of thinking, a lens of perception, that is dis-empowering, that perpetuates insecurity and thickens the veil of separation.

A conditional view can never reveal the play behind the curtains.

So what about it? You are in charge of your thoughts. Not him. You are in charge of what energy you allow to build up within you. Not her. You are 100% responsible for your own unconditional happiness. Not them. You are in charge of how you see and experience this world. It is YOUR view for a reason. It is YOUR perspective for a reason. It is YOUR reality for a reason.

Life has never been about what he, she, they need to think, be, and do in order for YOU to experience happiness. It's always been about YOU. It's always revolved around YOU.

The empowered mind can step in at anytime and say: I'm in charge of my own happiness, you're off the hook!

In Play,

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Laura said...

kid, this totally helps me think about my boy situation! thank you, my darling :) <3. xoxoxox. you are wonderful.

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