Monday, September 7

Love In Total Fusion

Like a Light House
in the distant horizon we stand
One opening to Love
One Song as Two Hearts

I reside in You
You reside in Me
- Kidest M.

Where does the concept of the one true and exact match, the divine unit, the true tonal mate, the twin flame (the blah blah blah) come from? As the scenes pass on, this information has been streaming to me, trying to catch my attention in ever expanding detail. Thank you. I appreciate much of it, and discard the one's based on a dualistic explanation of what relationships are. The illusion of two-ness, of a you and an-other uniting is yet another distortion of dualistic perception, in MY view. But this morning an article found me that's a little more at my speed (despite the Judeo-Christian semantics).

What do I know? What's my speed? That point of fusion with ALL of Life, the true Yoga, the Union births the recognition that the appearance of an-other is a total illusion. It is YOU in that body you perceive belonging to an-other. You are not trying to love another. You are not trying to receive love from another. You are not searching for and seeking a soulmate. You are mating with your own Soul every where. You are indivisible Love appearing in the illusory dance of division. You are the Undivided One. You are me! In MY view.

And knowing the energy vortex this opens up first hand, my desire to understand this concept of MELDING and FUSING with everything,  expanding into the One is a delicious itch at the moment.

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you,
not knowing
how blind I was
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere
They're in each other all along

Lovers are not only in each other all ways, they are each other in every way. In your Singularity through all bodies, You are an Ecstatic Expression of Being Love.

I had a vision of suchness, an incredible image and feeling that I don't know how to illustrate.

A tidbit from the article:

"...Make continual decisions to feel ecstasy, love, and gratitude for if you do nothing else, these decisions will change everything. Give forth, without limit, God's perfect love from the river of life. The "getting" will take care of itself as what you give out multiplies and is returned to you. You need not put any attention at all upon the "getting." 
What a miracle it is to be alive!
Until you live in praise, continual praise for that miracle, you will not be in right relationship to life.
When the light within you becomes as great as this glorious light that God/All That Is continually sends to you, then the Circle of Life is complete. There are worlds within worlds within worlds, within you, every one of which will then be free, free to live the ecstatic expression of giving life.
This is freedom. This is what it means to be home in God, to recognize life and honor it.
You and your Twin Flame are the generators of the substance of Love. You're the heart cells of GOD. You are meant to accept God's living love from the Moment of Creation – a never ending explosive expression of who and what God is. You are meant to accept this love, to take it and feel it and then amplify it – to CREATE MORE LOVE. The Great Love-Making. Then this love pours forth from you to nourish all within your keeping, giving God's love to feed all creation the substance of life."

I'll be first in line to sign up to giving love every which way!

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