Monday, September 21

In The Not Too Distant Time Ahead...

There is a way to get it done, without leaving your bed.

Let me introduce you to the Wheel Of Fortune.

You can divide the sections in any way that suits you. For instance, you can do:

Work / Relationships / Health / Leisure

Or whatever floats your fancy!

Use affirmations and affirm to yourself that the Universe/Divine Intelligence or even your subconscious/superconscious mind (whatever paradigm you subscribe to) is on it.

Be creative, use colors, use images. This process is a little more involved than a typical Vision Board that just passively hangs out on your wall. Take some minutes every day (yes, every day), in the morning or before sleep (or both), to feed your mind the images and descriptions that you wholeheartedly want to experience. Your mind is creating images all throughout your day. It is projecting and recollecting events, conversations, and pulling off all sorts of shenanigans all day long. This is your way to tame that mind and direct your energy in the direction of your desired experiences. Do this consistently, and watch events & circumstances conspire to bring it all to pass.

You are magic &  miracles.

Stay tuned for more tidbits!

From Care-a-Lot,
Cousin Kid

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