Thursday, September 17

I Am Guided

People have been exclaiming to me lately how the Universe really does seem to conspire in my life. It does in all lives but the visibility of it in mine keeps me even more steady and sturdy in my movements.

I go about my days thinking I know what I'm going to do, what steps I'm going to take. This is the way of the "expert" mind we all don. We all believe we know the best routes to get from point A to point B. But really, we only know the routes we know, known paths that have been taken before, we know the past, not the routes that may be even better for us than what we imagine.

So I'm going about my packing getting ready to ship out my three to four boxes of stuff. Then the first suggestion finds me via Sally, the laser hair lady everyone in Ottawa should go see:

1) She says: I shipped 6 boxes to my kids in Vancouver (yes, her kids just so happened to be in Vancouver) through greyhound parcel, you should really send your stuff through them, it's much cheaper.

I checked out the info and sure enough with the price it would cost to send ONE box through Canada post, I can send THREE with greyhound parcel. Tip of the day? Check your local greyhound quotes/rates for shipping packages and documents to anywhere in North America. They're pretty rad-tacular!

Before I move onto the next little tidbit, let me just refresh myself on the boy who came to my door to pick up an organizer I was getting rid of. He had just driven with someone...from Victoria all the way to Ottawa. It just so happens to be the same journey I was planning on making while contemplating if I could make the drive alone. He answered it for me. He told me no. And while I usually rebel against other's telling me what I can and cannot do, when information comes to me through this kind of synchronicity I pay attention. So no road trip to the west coast by myself.

2) Watching me fiddle with the boxes my mom chimes in "can't you use luggage's, it will probably be much more convenient for you to ship out luggage's than these boxes." I call greyhound and sure enough, YES I can send luggage's over. And just like that my packages are simplified and my plane load reduced.

Then I started to wonder about money. I have one credit card. JUST one thank goodness. It's one of the most convenient pieces of plastic with my name on it. I love it. I'm thankful for it. But my goal is to pay all of it off so that the money I have coming in doesn't all go to pay the monthly payment. I sat to write this goal/intention down today: bring VISA balance owing to $0.

3) At 3:22pm today, Chris from my bank CIBC called to touch base with me. Chris and I haven't talked in YEARS. I never go to my branch. Thanks to the internet all my banking needs are done online or at the ABM machine. Chris congratulated me on my move out west then said I should really go into a branch out on the island (note to self, locate a CIBC on Vancouver Island) and get a line of credit. I will likely qualify for a line of credit (yay for kickass credit score) that I can use to pay off my Visa balance and pay back the line of credit at the low interest rate of 4% instead of the 11% that I'm paying right now.

That sounds like a great plan to me Universe. Urrr...I mean Chris.

Of course some magical things can conspire and make my moments to be even more than they are appearing to be right now, but the point is, I Am truly Guided every step of the way within my currently running holographic program. The right information shows up. Guidance shows up in a way that I can recognize it IS guidance from a Beauty that can see so much more than I can.

I won't even talk about Finding Waldo.

I Am Thankful

How are you noticing the guidance that finds you? What information are you thankful to receive and to benefit from?

Mistress of the Bags

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