Friday, September 11

Here It Comes

I can always feel it when change is in the air. The energy around me and within me changes. A slight shift. A subtle stirring that comes right before something appears either within me or in front of me to shake my world up like a little snow globe. I know this feeling. I have had it each time I was moved in some way to shift the path I'm on. Right before I decided to move to a different city to go to graduate school. Right before I decided to drop out of graduate school. Right before I got my dog Leela. Right before I decided to leave my job. Right before events conspired to give me the push I needed to go out to the west-coast. This stirring comes. It says "there's going to be a change".

It's like we're all built to feel the coming energies and shifts, just like animals can sense a weather change or feel when it's time to move this way or that way. We can feel the tides of our own transition points, for everything in life is connected. A decision that affects you miles and miles away can be felt if you're still enough within your being. There's no movement in this Universe that is hidden.

My left-brain says "but you're already moving across the country, what other change could you possibly experience right now?" I don't know left brain, I can only feel it enough to know it's a-comin' round the mountain. What I'd love to be able to do is see what this change looks like in advance like I can with some things. That would add to my list of super-powers.

Between now and then, whenever this then is, I'm just going to continue to go through my boxes of things and recycle, chuck, donate, or sell the stuff I never use. I'm down to three boxes and two suitcases but the lighter my load, the easier my trek out to the west-coast. I'm still praying for a road-trip buddy so I can enjoy the journey and take it slowly. For some reason, time has slowed down drastically in my world too! I still have three weeks of living out of boxes. Wouldn't it be nice to press the fast-forward button and get to the part where I breathe out the words...Hello, Ocean my old friend!

in Suspended Animation,

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